4 Steps to a Clean, Organized Kitchen That Stays That Way

January  5, 2017

The kitchen is your laboratory. There are appliances, chemicals, and reactions waiting to happen. If all goes well, your hypotheses, tested by experimentation, will turn out to be correct: cream-colored orbs puffing into steaming, golden dinner rolls; vegetables becoming more saturated in color after a dip in boiling water; greens that are darkest and leafiest and sweetest after the first frost. Like it or not, that's science.

clean and organize

And while your ways in the kitchen might not feel scientific—a handful of cornmeal here, a toss of cheese rinds into something bubbling—the way you clean, organize, and care for this space probably should be. It's not just about preventing germs and mold (though your wallet and dinner menu will both thank you if you do that), it's also about running a tight, orderly ship so that you can find things, cleaned and accessible, right when you need them. 

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Here's how to keep your kitchen in tip-top condition: get rid of excess stufflearn how to store everything, clean your tools the right way, and make it last.


1. Get rid of everything you don't need.

How to Clean Out Your Pantry



Banish Kitchen Clutter



2. Revamp your storage strategies. 

Fresh foods, pots and pans, and spices should all be stored so they're right on hand—and guaranteed to last longer.

Left: Resusable Produce Bags; Right: Bee's Wrap (Set of 3 Sizes)


How to Store Your Food Better in 2015


  • We also recommend finding a place for your cookbooks (that's not in a stack taking up precious counter space): on open shelves where you can see them, or stowed in a cupboard if you've got too many or believe there is no such thing.

Beekman Brothers Pantry of Books Beekman Brothers Closet of Books


open spice shelves  


why you should be labeling your kitchen tools
And here's where to buy those cute silicone spatulas


  • If you're thinking of remodeling, steal some tips from our test kitchen design, like adjustable shelves in the cabinets, hidden storage, and open shelves for pretty, oft-used items. 

derek's favorite things about our kitchen


3. Clean more effectively. 

We bet a few things have a layer of grime on them despite your best cleaning efforts. Here's how to clean some of the tougher tools:

how to clean tupperware


how to clean a cast iron pot


how to clean a coffee grinder


How to Clean Silver


how to clean wooden surfaces


4. Make it sustainable.

Cleaning out and cleaning up is not enough—you need to know how to care for your tools in a way that will keep them in top condition for as long as possible.

how to sharpen knives


how to load a dishwasher 


Get rid of fruit flies


All Natural Cleaning Products to Make at Home  All Natural Cleaning Products to Make at Home



This article originally ran in 2015, but it's back in the rotation for anyone wanting to get their kitchen in ship shape (as part of a resolution or just a weekend project!). 

How do you keep your kitchen clean, organized, and operating smoothly? Share your ways in the comments! 

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