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September  4, 2015

Classy cinder block walls, shopping at restaurants, feedback on Google's new logo, and more. 

Nourish Kitchen & Table  le cafe chinois

Ever been at a restaurant and wanted nothing more than to own the plates you're eating off of? These seven restaurants know how you feel and have capitalized on it, weaving retail into their business models: Eat your meal, then shop the store's decor, the forks you're eating with, or a curated selection of antiques and tableware. (Vogue)

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pedro kok

The craze for subway tile is taken to a whole new level—perhaps back to its roots—in this Brazilian house built from concrete cinder blocks that are exposed on the walls throughout. (ArchDaily)


in honor of design  in honor of design

The finishing touches in Anna Liesemeyer's living room makeover include soft poufs in lieu of a coffee table (safer for children), a fake aloe plant (easier to care for), and a lamp she already owned. We like her practicality, and "just the right amount of sass" in the overall effect. (In Honor of Design)


brooklyn bar menu

Find your next dose of culinary inspiration (or, if you live in Brooklyn, decide where to go out to eat) with this Brooklyn Bar Menu generator. Tap the button and a new menu appears, a clickhole's worth of small plates and apps probably being served by a bearded gent in flannel. It's addictive. (Brooklyn Bar Menus)



Unless you were at the beach all week, you probably noticed that Google got its first new logo in 15 years. Fast Company asked some of the biggest names in branding what they think of it, to (mostly) resounding applause. What's your take? (Fast Company)  Thursten Brinkmann

Just the thing to get you few the last few hours of a working Friday, Thorsten Brinkmann's photgraphs marry classic portrait stances with absurd props—from kitschy vases to wastebaskets, old suitcases, and wooden hangers. (T Magazine

Mud-cloth tray photo courtesy Nourish Kitchen & Table; Le Cafe Chinois photo by Vogue; concrete block house photo by Pedro Kok; living room photos by Anne Liesemeyer; and portraits by Thursten Brinkmann.

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