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8 Food Blog Links We Love

September 19, 2015

We've scoured the web for our favorite food blog posts, and now we're bringing them right to your desktop. It’s hard work, but someone has to do it.

Today: Strange, wonderful, and fantastical cocktails for you to try this weekend. 

Lavender Pisco Sour  BeertailRosemary Mezcal Apple Cider  Fig and Thyme Rum Cocktail

  • We've been on a lavender kick lately, and this Peru-inspired Lavender Pisco Sour is no exception. (The Drink Blog)
  • Beer in our cocktails? Find a new use for your spicier IPAs with a pineapple "beertail." (Chocolate+Marrow)
  • Let your first taste of apple cider be something different with this drink, which includes rosemary and mezcal. (Kale & Caramel)
  • It's almost thyme for fall with a fig and spice cocktail that will have you dreaming of chilly evenings. (Holly & Flora)


  • For a drink that makes use of a unique almondy spirit, try this Japanese cocktail with orgeat. (The Bojon Gourmet)
  • A delectable scotch-based creation that's spicy, cocoa-y and totally on our must-make list. (Two for the Bar)
  • This gin cocktail makes use of fresh-from-the-garden mint and cucumber for one refreshing drink. (Vintage Mixer)
  • More with orgeat: This Mai Tai is the perfect balance of sweet and smoky. (A Thought for Food)

Do you have a favorite weekend cocktail? Mix up some new liqours lately? Tell us in the comments!

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Chef D. November 27, 2015
they are indeed some good foodblogs, hopefully one day my blog will make it into that list :)
Lily D. September 21, 2015
Three cheers for smoky, sultry, rosemary mezcal cider! Thanks for including K&C, Taylor.
Taylor R. September 21, 2015
I tried this one this past weekend (i'm a sucker for anything smoky and full of mezcal) and it was a hit! Also, cool addition with the rosemary! Very unexpected!
athoughtforfood September 21, 2015
This is fabulous! Thanks to Food 52 for including me in this great roundup!
Brooke B. September 20, 2015
Thanks for the link love, Taylor! Humbled to be included with so many of these amazing bloggers. Cheers!
Bella B. September 19, 2015
The Mai Tai looks so good!

xoxoBella |
athoughtforfood September 21, 2015
Gah! Thank you!!! :-)