How the Food52 Team Drinks Coffee

September 29, 2015

In celebration of National Coffee Day, the Food52 team is sharing the (arguably) most important part of our morning routine.

At 8:30 AM yesterday morning, the Food52 team gathered five avenues west of our office to wait for our bus to Hudson for a field trip (!). But before any activities could commence—which included an eventful bus ride, a beautiful lunch in Hudson, and apple picking—there was lots and lots of coffee. Without our trusty office Chemex, the team sipped their go-to orders (from bodega dollar cups to double-shot lattes) from cardboard cups and mugs. Here, in their own words, is what the Food52 team drinks when it's too early to do anything else:

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Caroline, Assistant Editor: Straight-up coffee (brewed at home) with milk.
Victoria, Controller: Iced coffee from the cart down the street.
Jennifer, Data Analysist: Black coffee from Gimme!, which is the only place I can drink black coffee from! It has a sweet finish.
Bridget, COO: My usual, which is a medium latte with an extra shot—no sugar.


Gabriella, Senior Manager of Brand Experience: Black coffee from a place that has $1 coffee before 9 AM!
Clare, Account Manager: Hot coffee with milk.
Madeline, Community Manager: Drip coffee I made!
Allison, Test Kitchen Manager: A cheap, shitty black coffee for $1.50 from a street vendor.


Leandra, Senior Account Executive: Drip coffee with a crap-load of cream and a little sugar.
Taylor, Editorial Intern: Venti blonde roast with a double-shot and a splash of milk.
Ali, Associate Editor: Just a latte.
Olivia, Office Manager: Bodega coffee with a splash of skim milk.

What's your go-to coffee order? Do you skip the line and brew yours at home? Tell us in the comments below! 

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I eat everything.


brentb September 30, 2015
Except coffee isn't food
Lauren's P. September 29, 2015
Zabar's Royale Blend in my Aeropress when I lived on the Upper West Side. Now in Miami and I'm still searching for that perfect morning blend.
Jill September 29, 2015
Chock Full of Nuts brewed at home. On the weekends, the perfect latte at our local Italian coffee shop.
kelly September 29, 2015
I meant adding reusable to go containers for beverages, not adding disposable cups!
kelly September 29, 2015
The thing that I noticed the most about the post was all of the disposable cups. Might be a great new product to add to the Food52 store!
I make an espresso at home.
witloof September 29, 2015
Black coffee, ground in a manual burr grinder. Preferred bean is Peet's Major Dickason's Blend but since I live in NYC and depend on a friend who lives in Seattle for the occasional shipment, I go down to Bleecker Street and get pretty great organic French Roast from Porto Rico.

Summers it's cold brew, made from Mocha Java in enormous batches. Agree with the poster who likes reusable cups. In the winter I use a thermos, in the summer it's a mason jar topped with a Cuppow http:/
aargersi September 29, 2015
Lola Savannah coffee (FLAVORED! Oh yes I do) ground and brewed at home, with milk.
hillpagan September 29, 2015
Wow, only one person with a reusable cup. I actually use the same kind of cup, I like a big strong coffee or a shot in the dark (with just a dash of milk, unless it's really good coffee) but I like to drink it slowly all morning and have it stay hot. Plus I hate throwing away a cup and lid every day- what a waste!