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October  3, 2015

A kitchen on wheels, tips for better iPhone photography, a really groovy subway map, and more...

fall for diy

Finding a patch of glowing indirect sunlight is a good start, but there are also certain apps, filters, and combinations of adjustments that will take your regular old iPhone pictures from just okay to like- (and love-) able. (Fall for DIY)

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subway map

A rare bit of praise for the MTA, New York City's subway and bus authority, this is the story of an iconic subway map from 1972 that was far ahead of its time by graphic design standards—and how the MTA has incorporated it into their new app. (The New Yorker)


patternalia  patternalia

Have you ever stopped to consider why stripes became so popular, or where certain fleurs-de-lis originated? This interview with the author of Patternalia, a book that explores histories of commonplace graphic patterns, tells us we should. (Fast Company)


A beautiful mess  a beautiful mess

Whether you're a renter who wants to upgrade without overhauling your space or simply timid about committing to a big change, removable wallpaper is the answer—and this roundup of ideas for using it, on stair risers and cheap furniture, is an inspiration. (A Beautiful Mess)



Built on wheels from salvaged materials and designed to be adaptable, the "Go-Go" kitchen by ModNomad Studio is an inspiration for anyone who has ever complained that their kitchen is too small. (Remodelista)

Photo tip photos by Francesca Stone; subway map by Massimo Vignelli; pattern images via Fast Company; removable wallpaper photos by A Beautiful Mess; and mobile kitchen photo by Anna Lee-Fields.

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