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6 Inventive Ways to Use Up Wallpaper Scraps (or Just One Roll!)

October 19, 2015

I recently got a tip from interior designer Sara Story, who said that after using wallpaper to cover a ceiling or a create an accent wall, she loves using the scraps to spiff up the back of a bookshelf. "There are so many fabulous textures, colors, patterns, and materials that you can incorporate by using wallpaper strategically," she said, "the possibilities are endless."

wallpaper bookshelf  

I thought this was a great idea and an easy way to keep from wasting money as well—since so many great wallpapers do not come free and do not always fit a wall precisely. But since not every bookshelf begs for a backing of wallpaper (especially if it's in the same room that's covered in said wallpaper) I decided to root around for other ideas of projects that make good use of wallpaper scraps.

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If you don't have any leftover wallpaper, look for scraps of vintage rolls in your local thrift store and apply it using wallpaper adhesive. Or spring for our line of removable, self-adhesive Tempaper rolls, which peel right off when you're done with them.

Here are 5 other ideas for using up scraps of new or vintage wallpaper:

Cover Stair Risers
Raindrop Paper Hygge & West

Used here on the risers of a corner staircase, Hygge & West Raindrops Wallpaper Tiles lend just enough color and pattern to this neutral space without being too busy for the spare surrounding decor.


Punch Up Furniture Panels
Pinterest Wallpaper

On this upcycled dresser, Rifle Paper's Rosa Indigo Wallaper was used to cover just a portion of the front-facing panels, which, coupled with a fresh coat of paint, gave the piece a complete makeover.


Frame as Art
framed wallpaper

The framed scrap in this image is actually a bit of vintage fabric, but you could easily do the same to a scrap of wallpaper by backing it with a piece of foam core before framing or just wrapping it around a canvas and hang it on a nail. 


Use As Wrapping PaperWallpaper Gift Wrap

With the holidays fast approaching, this use of wallpaper scraps is a no-brainer way to create customized, elevated gift wrap without having to buy tons of wrapping paper that will just be thrown away after tearing the gift open. 


Line Drawers and Shelves
drawer liners

Pressed into drawers, wallpaper scraps would make pretty and durable liners—for shelves as well! 

What are some of your favorite ways to use wallpaper scraps? Tell us in the comments below! 

Bookshelf photos by Sara Story; staircase photo by Hygge & West; dresser photo by Etsy vendor Estuary Designs; framed wallpaper photo by Debi Treloar for Sarah Moore; gift wrap photo by Weekday Carnival; drawer photo by A Beautiful Mess

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amysarah October 19, 2015
We often have a fair amount of wp samples at work - so when my daughter was little, her dollhouse had some pretty happening wall coverings. Also, book covers (folded like brown craft paper.) I also once, in a rare moment of crafty enthusiasm, laminated samples to make place mats for kids and for under dog bowls.
Amanda S. October 19, 2015
Ooh! Love the idea of making placemats from them.