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December 11, 2015

Decor tips from a restaurant designer, collections in acrylic, meatballs of the future, and more...

Photo by Nicholas Calcott (via NYTimes)
  • Jeanette Dalrot—the designer of such cool-kid restaurants as Navy in Soho and Hero in Paris—is known for DIY solutions like string-wrapped stools and hand-stitched linen walls that make for memorable decor; lucky us, she shared her tips for home design with T. (New York Times)
Photo by Space10 (via Fast Company)
  • Space10, IKEA's innovation lab located in downtown Copenhagen, has taken the meatball beyond their new vegan version and into the uncharted future: Their newest project, Tomorrow's Meatball, is a collection of 8 reimagined meatballs based on today's food innovations; they both entice and scare us. (Fast Company)
Photo by Emily Bogle (via NPR)
  • The White House, with its 62 Christmas trees and 70,000 ornaments, takes holiday decorations seriously—thanks to 100 (lucky) volunteers that help deck the halls. (NPR)
Photo by Lewis Henry Morgan/Internet Archive (via MNN)
  • A map from 1868 reveals a district of beaver dams in Michigan that are largely still in existence—proving not only the resilience of these natural ecosystems but also the ceaselessly amazing fact that there is always something new to learn about the planet we live on. (MNN)
Photo by Ben Johnson (via ArchDaily)
  • Painter Ben Johnson is a master of 2D realism, considered unparalleled in its accuracy and detail; this video profiling him and his next-level tedious process is fascinating. (ArchDaily)
Photo by Antonio Martins Interior Designs (via Remodelista)
  • This striking before and after shows the past life of a turn-of-the-centruy San Francisco kitchen and its upgrade for an owner who "does not cook and only has Diet Cokes and yogurt in the fridge." (Remodelista)

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