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January  9, 2016
  • Incorporating more color in your design doesn't have to require an overhaul; just paint the trim, or the cabinets, or color-code your shoes with a bit of pastel, the way Trina McNeilly does it. (La La Lovely)
Photo by Norbert Schoerner and Steve Nakamura (via the New York Times)
  • A new book from photographer Norbert Schoerner and the art director Steve Nakamura explores the boundary between real and artificial. It's transfixing; the Times calls the photography both "subversive" and "sinister." (New York Times)
  • This angular brass lamp—a little bit spilt milk, optical illusion, and graphic punch all woven together—is just statement-making enough, but subtly so. (Coco Lapine Design)
Photo by Montana Prairie Files
  • Do you ever wonder why wedding design has all the fun? How fun would it be for your home to have a guestbook, too—especially if it's an antique typewriter your guests can peck away at when they want to leave a message for you. (Modern Thrifter via Montana Prairie Tales)
  • There's so much possibility in a bucket of paint—and if you're having trouble deciding between two shades, what about playing that up in a wall design? (French by Design)
Photo by Nixon Design (via It's Nice That)
  • It's Nice That's yearly roundup of their best designer calendar submissions delivers again. Winners include a calendar of pictures of sponges and this take on the desktop calendar—a flipbook of laser-cut papers. (It's Nice That)

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