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January 16, 2016

A concrete cottage, food mold photography, and more...

Photo by Jaco Trebo (via Cabin Porn)
  • You don't have to go far from New York City before you're deluged with cedar-shingled houses—but this one in the Dolomites, with its jaunty roof, optimistic skylight, and unrivaled backdrop have us wondering why we still live on this side of the Atlantic. (Cabin Porn)
Photo by Nikita Teryoshin and Max Slobodda (via Fast Company)
  • In this photo series they call "Küchendienst" (or "kitchen patrol"), two German photography students take up close and personal—and weirdly enjoyable—pictures of kitchen mold. (Fast Company)
Photo by Mads Mogensen (via Love Nordic)
  • This Swedish cottage renovation in slab concrete is a great reminder that even materials that we think of as cold and brutal can bring a full-on case of the warm-fuzzies. (Love Nordic)
Photo by Jonathan Tate (via Curbed)
  • An architect in New Orleans is building tiny, unique starter homes on oddly-shaped lots—with the goal of inspiring more inventive and affordable solutions to urban housing crises. (Curbed)
Photo by Alfredo Pioloa (via New York Times)
  • French watercolor artist and emerging design icon Marin Montagut is known for illustrating city maps, and his 19th-century cottage in Normandy is fittingly hodgepodge-chic. (T Magazine)

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