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13 of the Best Movie Set Kitchens of All Time

January 25, 2016

It's officially awards season—the period of winter that falls after New Years, during which everyone's favorite activities include snuggling up, watching movies, kindling fires, and using TV programs as an excuse to throw a dinner/appetizer party on a weekday. We're game!

During this season of creature comforts, it's important to catch up on movies, since the Academy Award winners will be announced in February. Which had us musing about some of favorite movie sets of all time, and more specifically our favorite movie set kitchens. (Fair warning: There's more than one Nancy Meyers and Nora Ephron films in the mix.)

And the winners are...

Practical Magic (1998)

Photo by Hooked on Houses

Built on a set in Los Angeles (but set in a Victorian manse in New England), the kitchen in Practical Magic was bewitching. With black plank floors, glossy oversized tiling, and a hearth-like stove where the cauldron would bubble away, it was perfect for a family of witches.

Babette's Feast (1987)

Oscar-winning and G-rated, Babette's Feast is the story of a meal that transcends—and the cook Babette whips it up in a dark, humble Danish kitchen that's as memorable as the food.

The Holiday (2006)

Photo by Elements of Style Blog

In The Holiday, there are a few good kitchens—but the one in Kate Winslet's compact Surrey cottage stole our hearts with white stone walls, a tiny stove, powder-blue cabinets, and a fireplace. Yes, a fireplace!

It's Complicated (2009)

Bright, uncluttered, and spacious, Meryl Streep's kitchen in It's Complicated is a California dream—from the way it opens into the dining room to the marble-topped table that's used as a workspace.

You've Got Mail (1998)

Maybe it was Meg Ryan, or maybe the glass French doors, or more likely the way she used an old desk with a lamp as extra counter space (who hasn't done that?). Either way, her New York City kitchen in You've Got Mail was the I-can-have-that kind of beautiful.

Amelie (2001)

Accented in scarlet, sage, and marigold, the kitchen in Amelie gets us by way of nostalgia. It's retro in all the right ways, itty bitty, and with a big window to spy on passerbys.

Sabrina (1954)

The kitchen in Sabrina, where the servants prepare food for the Larrabee family and take their humbler meals, is bright, bustling, and expansive—and cheerful enough to remind Audrey Hepburn that the grass might not actually be greener upstairs.

Julie & Julia (2009)

There are two great kitchens in this movie—Julia Child's house in Cambridge and Julie Powell's Queens apartment—but we're going to have to award Julia's as the winner, as it was meticulously recreated from pictures of her original space.

Rosemary's Baby (1968)

In Roman Polanski's psychological thriller Rosemary's Baby, the interiors of Mia Farrow's New York City apartment are vividly portrayed; the kitchen, with its mustardy appliances, moody glow, and subway tile walls, was disturbingly likable.

A Single Man (2009)

Set in the 60s and shot largely in a home designed by John Lautner in California, Tom Ford's award winning A Single Man is remembered for the striking mid-century interiors—not least of which was the ultra-evocative kitchen space.

Ratatouille (2007)

With its glossy black and brass accents, tiled floor, and copper pots, the restaurant kitchen in Ratatouille is as fine-tuned as its chefs.

Chocolat (2000)

The workspace in Vianne's controversial chocolaterie is exactly how we'd like our pied-a-terre to feel once we find one to escape to in France: an oversized farm table for working on, warm lighting, and open shelves with everything we need.

Gosford Park (2001)

The film that inspired the TV series Downtown Abbey, Gosford Park is set in an English country house in the 1930s. The kitchen, all glistening subway tile and tall order, is a glamorous glimpse into servants' domains of that time and place.

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What are your favorite movie kitchens? How many of them are from Nancy Meyers movies? Let us know in the comments!


Amanda September 3, 2018
What about the kitchen from THE BIG CHILL?
Benjamin M. September 3, 2018
I give you, the kitchen from The Big Chill -
hugh February 8, 2018
Like Water for Chocolate inspired me to go into the kitchen remodel business! al lot of nice one's here.
Julia713 January 20, 2018
Practical Magic, and Moonstruck for me.
pattiebrown52 January 16, 2017
I forgot how wonderful the kitchen was in Rosemary's Baby - as well the rest of the apartment as well. Remember the window seat? Diane Keaton always has wonderful house and kitchens.
Donna S. January 16, 2017
Diane Keeton's kitchen in Somthings Gotta Give
Autumn January 20, 2018
I agree - that was a wonderful kitchen!
annette January 16, 2017
In Violets are Blue, (1986), Bonnie Bedelia's fabulous funky kitchen.
annette January 16, 2017
Yet another Dianne Keaton yummy kitchen: see Shoot the Moon. And then there's Meryl Streep's kitchen in The Hours.
marsiamarsia September 9, 2016
Um . . . uh . . . Andie, Meryl Streep's kitchen in 'It's Complicated' is the fourth photo from the top. (Sorry, I'm an editor/proofreader and just can't keep myself from noticing things like this.)
Andie P. September 10, 2016
I meant that none of the comment I read mentioned what to me seems to be the ideal kitchen. At one time I had the "perfect" kitchen built to my specifications when I was catering (Certified in Calif) but it finally got to be too much for me. I still miss the Garland range and the 36 feet of counter space.
Andie P. September 9, 2016
No one has mentioned Meryl Streep's kitchen in the movie, It's Complicated.<br />I would LOVE to have that kitchen.
Amanda September 3, 2018
its literally one of the kitchens in this article of the top 13
Kara G. September 8, 2016
When I first saw this article, the kitchen from the Bridges of Madison County came to mind.
Elisa L. May 19, 2016
It's a toss up, Moonstruck for sure and The Quiet Man...both have beautiful light, history and those kitchen tables!
lynne C. May 19, 2016
I have loved the You've Got Mail kitchen forever.
Melanie S. May 19, 2016
Practical Magic & Big Night are tops in my book!
Jovan May 19, 2016
+1 Practical Magic
Mary M. May 19, 2016
Honestly, the first thing I thought of when I read this article was the Moonstruck kitchen:
Amanda September 3, 2018
yessssss and so many pivotal scenes from that movie happen in that kitchen
isolde May 19, 2016
Something's Gotta Give, Moonstruck, Big Night..especially the last scene where Stanley Tucci makes scrambled eggs to assuage his guilt towards Tony Shalhoub..Moonstruck..and the perfectly 'normal scene' where Cher smells the eggs her mother puts in front of her, and Hannah and Her Sisters..the big Thanksgiving dinner being prepared with all the sisters in the kitchen, mashing sweet potatoes, etc., and moving so effortlessly around one another..I have always thought of intimacy as the ability to 'dance' around one another in the kitchen without it feeling annoying or crowded.
Nancy H. April 3, 2016
Think the kitchen in the movie Mostly Martha is simple and beautiful.
Nancy H. April 3, 2016
Should add - I mean (Mostly Martha 2001) Martha's home kitchen (although restaurant kitchen scenes are also excellent
Karla W. February 18, 2016
I love the kitchen in Clue; so dreamy! (I'd definitely want it with Tim Curry the butler and without the cook in the freezer, though...)
pattiebrown52 February 17, 2016
I was going for Moonstruck as well. Love the last scene when they are all around the table eating breakfast. What a great, homey kitchen.
marsiamarsia February 17, 2016
It's "Downton Abbey" not "Downtown." (The author chose an unfortunate title, because it's so easy to look at it or hear it and logically assume it's "Downtown.")