5 Design Ideas From the New Ace Hotel You Could Actually Do at Home

January 28, 2016

If you've ever been to more than one of the Ace Hotel's nine locations (in cities like New York, New Orleans, London, Seattle, and Panama), you know that—despite claiming "we're not here to reinvent the hotel" on their website—each space feels like a completely new experience, due in large part to the brand's emphasis on supporting local artisans in the decor of each location.

Enter: Pittsburgh, the newest Ace that just opened its doors in a century-old YMCA building in a neighborhood called East Liberty. The space is already getting a lot of buzz (here, here, and here, to start), but to lay it out plainly, there are a lot of brilliant design ideas from the new location that aren't just good—they're actually doable in your own home:

Photo by Rob Larson (via The Ace Hotel)

1. Polished Concrete Floors

Not only is poured concrete a durable and low-maintenance flooring option, it's also inexpensive. The natural mottled grey coloring of a simply polished and finished concrete floor, like this one, also works well with a range of palettes (and means you could add all the wooden furniture and rag rugs you want without any fear of going too brown).

2. Schoolhouse Accents

A classic wooden rocker, industrial lighting fixtures, and a bureau as a focal point make this room reminiscent of a one-room workspace that might have existed when the building was built. In small doses, such accents can feel every inch modern and not too country-cozy.

Photo by Rob Larson (via The Ace Hotel)

3. DIY Coat Rack-cum-Moulding

Mounted at eye level, this dark green moulding that matches the window casing creates a clean visual interest that separates the white and cream-colored parts of the wall. The pegs added along one part of it could be used to hang your coat or any object you'd like to decorate with—guitars and light fixtures included.

4. Desk as Headboard

In a small room, it's a big deal if you can find a way to unstick your bed from the wall and float it—thereby creating the feel of more space that a larger room would allow. By butting another piece of useful furniture (like the desks in these rooms) up against the headboard, you both anchor the room and maximize space.

Photo by Rob Larson (via The Ace Hotel)

5. Painted Tub

By coating the exterior of a ceramic tub in paint that you've used elsewhere in the room (in this case, the tub's right inside the bedroom!), it feels more a part of the overall design. Our office designer Brad Sherman did this with an industrial sink in our laundry space, painting the outside a woodsy green that was used on the walls in a few small rooms we use for phone calls.

Photo by Rob Larson (via The Ace Hotel)

Overall, the design complements the history of the original building while feeling fresh, down-to-earth, and—most importantly!—doable. We're all about the Ace's commitment to local craft, and how they used it to build the design of this Pittsburgh location is just as inspiring.

Have you stayed in any hotels recently that you wanted to move into full time? Share your favorites in the comments.

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Amanda Sims

Written by: Amanda Sims

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Catherine C. February 2, 2016
All easily attainable industrial materials. It's just the way you use them plus some hardware a few wood accents and whatever you pick up at the flea! Great article!
Chrissy /. January 29, 2016
I want to live at The Wythe hotel in Brooklyn!
Bec January 28, 2016
That tub - heaven!! I'm also dreaming of a house with polished concrete floors - so industrial and chic!
amysarah January 28, 2016
I guess I know where I'll be staying next time I visit the kid in Pittsburgh!

Love polished concrete floors, but have to question whether most could put one down themselves (if that's what you mean by DIY?) Plus, need to check that the structure is sufficient - concrete is heavy! Also, not always that cheap - depends on what the existing subfloor is, etc....but if all these stars align, it's a great option.
Samantha W. January 28, 2016
This is so great. I love the look of polished concrete, and moulding/coat rack is such a smart idea!