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Our Favorite Pieces of Wall Art Aren't All Paintings

February  3, 2016

We've already told you that you shouldn't limit your wall art to stuff in frames. Utilizing wall space is a smart solution for trinkets you pick up while traveling, knickknacks that you don't have shelf space for, and even larger items, like your favorite throws when you aren't cuddled up in them.

For added inspiration, here's some of the non-art wall art found in the homes of our editors—everything from a racquet​ and plates to cookie molds and musical instruments. It's time to lose your hang-ups​ about what works as wall art:

Photo by Amanda Sims
Photo by Sarah Jampel
Photo by Caroline Lange
Photo by Leslie Stephens
Photo by Lindsay-Jean Hard
Photo by Bridget Williams
Photo by Lindsay-Jean Hard
Photo by Lindsay-Jean Hard

And if you need further proof:

Tell us about your wall art that isn't really art in the comments!

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    Katy Keck
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    Rebekah Goodgame
  • Sarah Jampel
    Sarah Jampel
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Katy K. February 4, 2016
Jumbo peeler, church key, and whisk: antique ice block tongs and mandolin; antique giant ladle (from a foundry); child's rolling pin (India); antique scales/balance; antique grater - let's hope nothing falls. A whole lotta sharps.
Rebekah G. February 3, 2016
@Sarah Jampel, where'd that cactus print come from above the marionette dude? I love it!
Sarah J. February 3, 2016
It's from the McNally Jackson Store: And, for full discretion, my roommate picked it out! :)