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February  5, 2016

A dune-cooled home, DIY glowy wall letters, a Shaker-inspired kitchen, and more...

Photo by New York Times
  • Three "urban meditation retreats"—cozy hideaways as design-minded as they are mindful—that are now open to the (paying) public make it clear that to some, good design is as influential on your mental health as your practice is. (New York Times)
Photo by DeVol (via Dust Jacket Attic)
  • Covered baseboard to wall in dusk-green paint, this Shaker-inspired kitchen from DeVol is minimal without feeling lifeless—thanks to a few smartly placed, aged brass accents (and one classic arched window) throughout. (Dust Jacket Attic)
  • Using large acrylic lettering and a few layers of spray paint, these DIY-able glowy letters are the next best thing to rigging a neon sign on your wall. (The Design Confidential)
Photo by Bates Masi Architects (via Inhabitat)
Photo by Fox Searchlight Pictures (via Architectural Digest)
  • Set design is the new interiors porn—especially when we're talking period films. Nick Hornby's new adaptation of the novel Brooklyn chronicles one immigrant's passage to the neighborhood, complete with room after room of nostalgic interiors pulled off by the production designer François Séguin. (Architectural Digest)
Photo by Arup (via Fast Company)
  • In Madrid—where severe weather in the form of "blisteringly" hot days, droughts, and flooding, is becoming too unusual and uncomfortable to ignore—the city is spending millions to landscape abandoned lots, city squares, and even a former highway with an abundance of trees and plants to combat global warming. (Fast Company)

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Samantha W. February 5, 2016
That green kitchen is like *whoa*.