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Vintage Moroccan Rugs to Obsess Over (+ More Design Links We Loved This Week)

February 12, 2016

A set of vintage Moroccan rugs that'll ruin your productivity and more design links we love this week.

  • Designer Veronica Hamlet's collection of vintage Moroccan rugs is not just jaw-dropping (and dangerous to your wallet)—but her artfully styled photographs are a bit of design porn in their own way. (Honestly WTF)
Photo by Abimis (via Remodelista)
  • Stainless steel has gotten a bad rap in recent years, with the recent obsession for warm metals like brass, copper, and rose gold—but this Italian-imported kitchen design (that's really a love letter to the material) has us reconsidering stainless steel's place in our homes. (Remodelista)
  • This living room from the interior design duo Apparatus is a little bit future-forward, heavy on the blues, and the kind of thing that makes you want to be a grown-up. (Apartment 34)
  • Using just a clear acrylic rod, two brackets, and a can of gold spray paint, this DIY for a modern towel rack is really just assembling the parts rather than making anything (i.e., easy!). (A Beautiful Mess)
Photo by Martha Stewart
  • This unsurprisingly thorough look at which plants grow best in all kinds of light from Martha Stewart is kindly divided up additionally by plants for gardeners seeking "easy," "intermediate," and "advanced" species. (Martha Stewart)

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