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Just How Easy Is a Self-Watering Herb Kit? (Extremely)

April 18, 2016

FOMO—or Fear Of Majorly Overwatering—is unofficially the number one cause of plants not getting adopted in the first place. (Okay, so fear of neglect is definitely the runner-up.) Which is why the great minds at Modern Sprout came up with self-watering herb (and pansy) planters, which require essentially no hands-on care after the initial setup... and we're obsessed!

Today, we launched two different versions in our Shop: their Mason Jar Self-Watering Herb Kits, which are housed in colorful oversized Mason jars, and another set of new Self-Watering Herb Kits, which have cleaner lines and clear glass. Here's how easy they are to set up:

One more time, a little slower?

  • Open the jar and take everything out. The jar contains everything you need to grow your herbs from seed; after removing all the parts, just fill the jar up about halfway with water. That's the only additional ingredient.
  • Prep the net pot. A little mesh growing pot that sits at the top of the jar is equipped with a long wick; you'll just loosen it up, add the pebble-like growing medium to the pot, wet and spread around the "coco pith disc" on top, and then sprinkle on seeds and press them down (unless they're cilantro seeds, which sit right on top).
  • Set in a sunny window and forget about it. Well, don't forget to watch them grow! But there's no more hands-on care required. Just watch the seeds sprout (and then snip and eat them!).

What's your spirit herb? (Mine is basil.) Do tell in the comments.

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Ellie R. April 7, 2019
Do they only grow for one season? Can you use the same materials for year-round use?
Cindy January 5, 2019
How long do the assorted items last?
Katie August 27, 2018
Is there a shelf/life expiration on these? Wondering if I can order now for Christmas. Thanks!