Why I'm Hoping "Statement Hoods" Are the Big Kitchen Trend of 2016

April 28, 2016

One mental stroll through my dream kitchen and I see a lot of the same things I'm always seeing: dark matte cabinets, tiny floral wallpaper that's peeling around the edges, a warm wood countertop, and porcelain knobs and pulls galore. It's a bit granny, but I am who I am.

What it isn't is inventive (if it could be my grandmother's kitchen, I wouldn't call the look cutting edge). So when I came across the image below, of a kitchen with all kinds of ideas I never would have thought to obsess over, I worked a few of them—ahem, statement hood—into the aforementioned dream room.

Photo by Nicole Franzen

This excellent space belongs to a townhouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and was designed by CWB Architects, with Jesse Parris-Lamb handling the interior design. Here are the five things I love about it the most.

  1. Brasserie lights: For soft white light and the feel of dinner on the town, even when you're eating toast. These frosted orbs are from Schoolhouse Electric.
  2. Tiles like you haven't seen them in every other kitchen: Bold colors used minimally, white tiles interspersed randomly. (These, printed with a custom pattern developed by the architect for the homeowner, were made by Viuva Lamego, Portugal; you can find them here.)
  3. Floating, color-backed shelf: Like Kenzi's spruced-up box shelf, but in a rich single color that calls out to those tiles just enough (I also love how it's mounted asymmetrically).
  4. Statement hood: Rather than hiding it under faux-cabinet doors, the design team went big and graphic with this choice—which I'm hoping plays out as a kitchen trend of 2016.
  5. Sea glass-green cabinets: I love paint colors that are so light they're almost white, but still colors. A barely mint green is so fresh and squeaky clean.

What does your dream kitchen look like? Paint me a picture in the comments.

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Amanda Sims

Written by: Amanda Sims

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