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Why White Walls Have Taken Over the Design World + More Design Links We Love

May  6, 2016

Why white walls have taken over the design world, and more design and home links worth reading this week.

Photo by Maria Del Rio (via Design*Sponge)
  • Grace Bonney's thoughtful essay about the dually loved and loathed white wall craze that's taken over the design world is more refreshing than a trend could ever be. (Design*Sponge)
Photo by Regime des Fleurs
  • Behold: an actual cookie bouquet. The florally scented and flavored cookie (with bergamot, orange, elderflower, and almond) is a collaboration between the perfumers at RĂ©gime des Fleurs and bakers at Burrow Bakery in Brooklyn, who hand-paint each one. (T Magazine)
Photo by Creative Commons
  • Curbed's ode to Jane Jacobs on what would be her 100th birthday, a compilation of features ranging from the story of her famous battle with Robert Moses over LOMEX to a quiz about what she would think of your neighborhood, is required reading for anybody who lives in (or cares at all about) New York City. (Curbed)
  • This well-loved family home in Sonoma (and its enviably lush, verdant backyard) pairs thoughtful personal touches with fuss-free warmth. (Cup of Jo)
  • From a website for "word-of-mouth" recommendations to another that finds you cheaper flights by working in a day tour-sized layover between them, this roundup of travel websites you (probably) haven't heard of is worth the bookmark. (Refinery 29)

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Greenstuff May 6, 2016
White walls are back?! I knew I could wait you all out, but I thought it would take longer.
Taste O. May 6, 2016
I once received a bouquet of a dozen long-stemmed chocolate chip cookies. I think I prefer that to floral-flavored cookies.
Amanda S. May 6, 2016
Long-stemmed cookies! I'm into that.