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The Cozy, Chunky, Textural Touch We're Adding to Every Room

May 18, 2016

Even if your grandmother never took up the hobby, the intricate needlework and open loop patterns of crochet always seem to bring about a feeling of comfort and nostalgia. But all sappiness aside, the beauty of crochet isn't restricted to those who are willing to learn the craft.

Here are six ways that this uniquely textural art form can be incorporated in and around the modern home to add a more current vibe (far beyond the classic doily).

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1. Stacking & Standing Baskets

One great thing about crochet is that its looser construction method allows more rigid materials to be bent and twisted into new dimensions you’d never expect. Try using a standing basket crocheted in chunky rope to replace a plastic hamper, or add an arrangement of small stacking baskets in natural jute to catch all your keys, coins, and other small items.

Jute hanging baskets!

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2. Heavy-Gauge Crochet Pillows & Poufs

Take all the charm of your old dorm room bean bag chair while still proving that you’ve graduated to adulthood with this fun floor accessory: the pouf. Whether used as extra seating for guests, an ottoman for sore feet, or a perfect place for your cat to curl up, the appeal of the pouf is multi-fold, and they're especially cuddly when crocheted.

Additionally, poufs can be moved and repositioned on a whim, making them ideal tools for adding color without the commitment of paint. Mix and match patterns for a globally-inspired look, or for more minimal spaces try a collection of all white pillows with varying patterns.

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With so many options out there, why not try them all?

3. An Outdoor Hammock

For those with more space, a crochet hammock is a great way to give your backyard a feel of the tropics (if only for the span of summer). Once you find the perfect tree-side spot, liven up your crocheted haven with an array of neutral pillows, a hand-woven throw, and maybe a small wooden side table to rest your drink of choice on top of.

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4. Small Rugs & Doormats

Walking into a home, the first thing you see (and step on) should be beautiful. Try welcoming your friends with a crocheted rectangular jute doormat, or place a small decorative Amish-style rag rug under your coffee table to protect wooden floors from scratches and add a unique collage of texture and color.

5. Placemat & Coaster Sets

Although crochet is has been most traditionally found in the form of potholders in the kitchen, the intricate art has other applications at mealtime as well.

If you’re worried about crochet giving your dinner party a stuffy, dated feel, shake things up by setting your table with textural raffia placemats and coasters to lend a more laid-back, artisanal vibe.

6. A Bed Throw

Although crochet has definitely proven that it can be modern, it’s still nice to step back once in awhile and appreciate the beauty of an antique. For the bedroom, try adding an antiqued crochet throw or bed runner in natural linen for a more delicate accent. This works especially well during colder months when you’re looking to add more textural variation to your pile of puffy quilts.

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Jessie May 20, 2016
That first picture is of a knitted cable, NOT crochet. It's ok though, knitters are the majority, don't feel snubbed!
zaqary May 18, 2016
What on earth does this have to do with food?
LouLou May 18, 2016
As a knitter....I feel snubbed! :)