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Everything You Need to Know about Our Wedding Registry

June 15, 2016

When we launched the Food52 Wedding Registry last summer (yes, we have a registry!), we dubbed it "something new"—a registry that only offers beautiful, dependable kitchen and home supplies, with enough choices for every style. A year older and wiser—and many, many real registries later—we've learned a lot about what brides and grooms want from their registry: Mainly, easy ways to find what they need.

Our Shop has over 2,000 designs on its digital shelves, each of them vetted for quality and good looks, and the pieces that are a natural fit for wedding registries don't always rise to the top on their own—it can be overwhelming to browse that many options! To help our registrants find the pieces that perfectly fit their look, we put together two new ways to browse, listed below—and outlined all the extra goodies you get for signing up.

Photo by Bobbi Lin

Smart Collections

Think of these curated selections from our Buying, Editorial, and Creative teams like sections in a bookstore: You'll find staff picks alongside best-sellers, and more.

Photo by James Ransom

Browse Room By Room

When we thought about how people really go about adding pieces to their registries, we realized it was probably room by room in their homes: What do we want on our dining room table? And the coffee table? What would make our bathroom feel just as homey as the den?

Photo by James Ransom

We're not going to lie: The best part of registering with the Food52 Shop is the quality of kitchen helpers and home-brighteners we offer—no more spatulas that burn when you're not looking, no more using pint glasses as vases—but there are a few other perks we should mention.

  • Site-Wide Discount: Take 10% off in the Food52 Shop for the six months following your wedding day—in case you want to stock up on any remaining pieces on your registry, or add to your new collection. Think of it this as our wedding gift to you!
  • Wedding Website Discount: By registering with us, you'll receive a code to take 10% off a wedding website through Squarespace, who we think makes the whole process simple, streamlined, and snappy.
  • Gift Tracking: See who purchases gifts from your registry and where those packages are on the way to you, all from one easy-to-read page.
  • A Surprise or Two: Don't worry—the good kind of surprises! We appreciate you registering with us, and we'll be thanking you in a few special ways.

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Laura July 29, 2019
Hi Food52!

How do I get the 10% discount off the registry for the six months after my wedding? I'm getting married this Saturday (8/3/2019) and think there will be some items I'd like to purchase afterwards that won't be fulfilled...

Dorothy C. October 25, 2016
Thank you for the lovely article! My sister who is getting married next month here at one of the Wedding venues South Florida ( has asked me to help her out with the wedding registry and after reading this I am sure I will be able to help her out!