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June 13, 2016

Two weekends ago, our Creative Director Kristen Miglore got married on a grassy, sun-dappled patch in the California Redwoods. She and her husband Mike had planned it all in record time (four months), even writing their own heartfelt vows. It was beyond beautiful; there wasn't a dry eye in the forest.

Going to a great wedding—especially one managed by a calm, cool, glowing bride like Kristen—is the very best reminder of just how wonderful weddings can be. And with the recent arrival of spring and summer flowers, sunny days, and warmer winds, we decided now would be a good time to celebrate weddings here on Food52.

Photo by James Ransom

This whole week, you can expect more content directed at brides, grooms, guests, and hosts than usual—from this morning's "The Art of Giving a Good Wedding Toast" to tips for and essays on planning the night of your life without going nuts. And even our Wedding Registry is getting a bit of a revamp in the next few days to be easier to navigate and extra-inspiring.

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At the end of each Wedding Week post, you'll find this illustration (yes, there's a tiny, adorable tandem bike scooting along the ground—can you spot it?): Just click on it to see more wedding-inspired articles. And keep checking back, since we'll be adding them throughout the week!

What kinds of wedding-related articles (planning tips? beautiful wedding pictures? menu ideas? design inspiration?) would you like to see more of here? Let us know in the comments.

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Amanda Sims

Written by: Amanda Sims

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Amanda M. June 13, 2016
I am three and a half months away from my own DIY, Catskills wedding and it's the decor that is DRIVING ME CRAZY. I would love your thoughts on amazing DIY projects that you don't have to be supernaturally crafty to pursue, as well as unique ways other people celebrated their wedding. Special additions to the ceremony, sweet ways to make the day feel special and individualized, what we should be thinking of that final week. Anything you've got!