How to Make a Cheese Fondue

February 25, 2011

The ideal cheese fondue calls for a level of finesse a cut above melting cheese in a pot. In the video below, A&M demonstrate their simple methods for avoiding the goopy and thick in favor of the silky consistency of rabino's Traditional Fondue Fribourgeois. Between the stinky Fribourgeois and the milder Gruyere, this fondue has perfect pedigree.

This week's videos were once again shot and edited by filmmaker Elena Parker. For more fondue recipes, dip into our contest for Your Best Fondue

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  • Sagegreen
  • Michelle Meeks
    Michelle Meeks
  • Merrill Stubbs
    Merrill Stubbs
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Sagegreen February 26, 2011
Always so nice to learn tips and process from these videos. Thanks, A &M!
Merrill S. February 28, 2011
You're so welcome!
Michelle M. February 26, 2011
Excellent! Glad I watched. It was a great prep for my testing which I'm planning tomorrow as part of pre-Oscar preparations! I can't wait.
Merrill S. February 28, 2011
So glad you found it helpful!