How to Make a Chocolate Cajeta Fondue

February 25, 2011

In the video below, see A&M smoothly make caramel out of coconut milk and melt chocolate in foolproof ways. The perfect specimen to illustrate these techniques: hardlikearmour's rich Coconut Cajeta & Chocolate Fondue, with its addictive coconut nuance and generous dose of booze.

This week's videos were once again shot and edited by filmmaker Elena Parker. For more fondue recipes, dip into our contest for Your Best Fondue

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chef.luis May 12, 2011
Excelent recipe, I tried it with sourdough bread cubes instead of the pretzels and it was delightfull. Thanks for posting it Amanda and Merrill !
Blissful B. February 26, 2011
Yay! The finalist videos are back!
Sagegreen February 26, 2011
Yay! These are so great!
hardlikearmour February 26, 2011
I'm probably a little crazy, but watching A&M make my recipe was AWESOME!
AntoniaJames February 26, 2011
Not crazy at all . . . I can totally relate!! Love this video. Love this recipe!!! ;o)
Greenstuff February 26, 2011
Like an out-of-body experience? Be sure to show your friends!
Merrill S. February 28, 2011
Aw, shucks. We're the ones who feel lucky to be making everyone's great recipes!