We're Not Thinking About Food Today

July  8, 2016

Despite regularly-scheduled content and the regularly-scheduled grumbling of our stomachs, it's a hard day to care much about food. Here's where our heads—and our hearts—are instead:

  • Moving Forward by Grace Bonney on Design Sponge: "I don’t want any distraction from the reality I feel is important to see, understand and acknowledge right now, but I recognize that to even have that choice to see or not see things is a privileged one."

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KTFoley July 13, 2016
Several days later, this post still strikes me as the right thing to have done. Thank you.

There's elitism that makes us think we should all photograph our lunches against earth-tone linens, which we can brush off if we choose. Scroll on, nobody gets hurt. And then there's elitism that makes us think we can brush off what is happening to people around us, where scrolling on is the act that hurts. Thank you for finding a way to elucidate the difference.
lastnightsdinner July 13, 2016
It's so easy to compartmentalize if these things don't affect you or the people you love directly. As a woman of color and a member of the Food52 community from way back in the Beta days, thank you for this post. Thank you for seeing us, and listening, and learning.
Elizabeth S. July 13, 2016
Thanks for this post, Food52! The past week has been devastating. I find it insensitive and tone deaf when our community continues churning out pretty food and just so latte pictures in the wake of all this upheaval and heartbreak. Right now is a great time for people in every kind of community to put our heads together, share resources, and figure out all the ways that we can do better.
Niknud July 11, 2016
I appreciate that F52 took the time and energy to address, albeit delicately, the weight of national events here. While most of the time this place is one of refuge from whatever else is going on in the world, there are occasions where it seems to big to ignore. That saying nothing is in itself making a statement through silence. My heart has been heavy and I have been feeling impotent lately - maybe all we really need to do is remember the humanity each of us possesses. These seems as good a place as any to begin having the conversations these events demand of us. For me, I hope all of my friends here on F52 find grace and peace in their day - and in the days to come.
tina S. July 11, 2016
Couldn't have said it better, thank you & thank you F52
Karen O. July 10, 2016
No one is asking or making you buy a $48 candle that smells like tomatoes. I know I wouldn't! But to say this breeds of racism just doesn't feel right. There are many articles and recipes on this site that are wonderful and talking about the problems we are facing in our country seems to be a step in the right direction.
marie July 9, 2016
I was unpleasantly surprised by the content of this blog post. I highly doubt that the author or any working for this site, who has the nerve to charge $48 for a candle that smells like tomatoes, has any clue what it's like to be black or a cop. The only effect this post has had is to continue to breed racism. I'm out of here...
Peony July 9, 2016
Huh? Feel free to leave, happy to have ignorant people exit. There might be an interesting point about economic disparity buried in your comment but you clearly aren't interested in a discussion (which is a shame on many levels including that there are a lot of thoughtful people here who would engage in it). And it sounds as if you assume neither cops nor black people want to buy a pricey candle, perhaps you shouldn't be speaking for everybody.
marie July 9, 2016
I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to buy a $48 candle that smells like tomatoes. But that aside, the fact that you found it necessary to "reply" to my comment in the manner in which you did when my comment did not invite one and was clearly addressed to the editors proves my point that this type of blog post is polarizing and not at all enlightening
Karen O. July 9, 2016
This is an ongoing problem and needs everyone to be involved. It is not something that only some people can respond to. A dialogue must take place and not be pushed to the side. We really cannot keep going on like this. Thanks.
Pegeen July 9, 2016
Thank you for the editorial decision to post a news item during a critical juncture in our nation's ongoing development. The recent shootings are but a symptom of a much deeper crisis and all eyes must be turned to it and made uncomfortable in order for change to begin. At the risk of sounding petty, I just wish the background image was solid black and not the comfort of bed pillows. Thank you again.
melissa July 9, 2016
agreed; let's make this less about (white) people's (dis)comfort.
luvcookbooks July 9, 2016
Glad you spoke up as we all should no matter where our perch in the world. I need to see a commitment to justice and non violence everywhere.
Carma July 8, 2016
Much respect - both for content and fearlessly responding to criticism.
jacky L. July 8, 2016
I also want to say thank you. I really didn't expect it from this website because most lifestyle websites don't do things outside their "brand." And obviously, looking at some of the negative comments, it can hurt your brand. Thank you for being brave and speaking up anyway.
Lainie July 8, 2016
Funny, but I see nothing that relates to the 5 police officers that were brutally murdered and 7 other officers that were wounded in a blatantly racist attack.
Do they not matter?
Are their lives not important?
Parker July 8, 2016
Funny, the last article addresses that.

Do you not read?
Is reading not important to you?
Lainie July 9, 2016
Gee - I missed that one link buried at the end!
Very balanced and objective - not skewed at all!
susan G. July 8, 2016
I've been enjoying and cooking with food52 for a good while. I've somewhat distanced myself from the site, in part because of a perception of elitism that occasionally comes through. This post has broken through that. I embrace your willingness to bring positive light to this challenging time, and appreciate the support that food52 gives you to publish this.
Mallory D. July 8, 2016
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Terri July 8, 2016
Thank you.
Joseph E. July 8, 2016
And just like that Food 52 has made it easier on me to gain some time back into my life. I needed to cut back on all the escapism that i used to use their site for. I will miss them at first I'm sure. Especially all the items I've marked to spend my hard earned dollars on. So thank you Food 52 for making this decision so much easier.
Suzanne July 8, 2016
Repeating the thanks of other comments in thanking you for this post today. Thanks!
Angel July 8, 2016
I feel overwhelmed with this content at every turn. I look to Food52 as an escape, not another source on these subjects. Please.... Enough!
Nikita July 8, 2016
@Angel, don't worry, there are still plenty of features and recipes on Food52, not to mention many, many other food blogs and websites. There's lots and lots of sand left to stick your head into!
Angel July 8, 2016
I'm sure those at Food52 thank you for redirecting business away from them and their advertisers. May karma remember you fondly and promptly
Parker July 8, 2016
Angel, what does this have to do with Karma and advertising? Food52 completely won me over in that they're a brand addressing the white elephant in the room that we call social media. They're giving folks resources and speaking out about a topic, over promoting recipes on their own site (which there are still plenty of). While food sites provide a nice escape from the awfulness that is the world news, it's also the reality. There are real people behind this company and this is a real issue that needs to be talked about. Food52 just made me a fan for life. Thank you for this post and for not glazing over anything (except donuts).
Angel July 8, 2016
It's a food blog with advertising. It's not a news source. I find it troubling that you can't make the distinction.
Parker July 9, 2016
It's a food blog that wrote about something important. Because this is the Internet and they can do that. I find it troubling that you can't seem to understand that. Later hater!
Angel July 9, 2016
Because seriously there isn't enough coverage out there? Your reply is the hateful one, but of course it's impossible for a name caller to recognize their own behavior. Pathetic use of words and use of a food blog.
creamtea July 10, 2016
Why is name-calling and rudeness necessary? There has always been a tone of respect at this site. Calling someone a hater and accusations are rude and not helpful. If your goal is persuading someone toward your point of view, this is hardly an effective strategy. Otherwise you're just blowing off steam.
epicharis July 8, 2016
Food52 can sometimes be indulgent and a little tone-deaf, so I was pleasantly surprised by this article. It's exactly what we all needed to read today. Thank you.
Tracey July 8, 2016
Thank you for posting this. This is relevant to everyone, and I'm grateful to all the websites (news or non-news) who don't let this go unacknowledged.