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February 28, 2011

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Today: Egg Spoon aka Bad-Ass Spoon from Kitchen Tools

Egg Spoon Mac Dalton & Michael Ruhlman

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DNB March 1, 2011
It's bleeping brilliant.
pierino March 1, 2011
I remain a skeptic, and I'm pretty damn good at poaching eggs. But I do like Ruhlman and the stuff he is representing in his line.
thirschfeld March 1, 2011
I am a big Ruhlman fan too but how is this spoon different from the pierced spoon that I can buy at my local restaurant supply?
Yiniverse February 28, 2011
Anyone else just see a slotted spoon?
Amanda H. March 1, 2011
Ruhlman explains how it works: "I love poached eggs, but have never liked the way all those fly-away whites marred the appearance. In On Food and Cooking, Harold McGee notes that there is a liquidy part of the egg white and a viscous one. If you let the liquidy part drain, before poaching, you will have a beautiful poached egg. (People tell you to put vinegar or lemon juice in poaching water—this does nothing in my experience.)
The problem was, my perforated spoons were so shallow the egg always wanted to jump out. No longer. The deep bowl of The Badass Perf spoon easily contains even a jumbo egg, as well as heaps of beans, vegetables, and pasta."
boulangere February 28, 2011
I confess that I'm not often drawn to the latest mouse trap, but this looks like a cool tool!