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A Nifty, Minimal Planter That Doubles as Wall Art

July 22, 2016

Handmade from a single piece of copper or aluminum, our spun planters from YIELD are a study in simplicity. They're more warm than flashy, with a smooth, stripey matte finish that swirls around their shape from the spinning process.

Mount them wherever you want a little greenery (and coppery) on the walls, or simply set them out with spindly plants reaching from their tops, as you would traditional pots.

The big ones (above left), have a 1-inch reservoir built into their basins, with a perforated piece of metal that separates the soil from any water that accumulates; that means you can plant any plant in them water accordingly without worrying about drippage from the base. The shallow versions (above right), which we call bowls, don't have this buffer, so you'll only want to plant them with plants that don't require much watering, such as succulents.

Mount (left) and dismount (right). Photo by James Ransom

Besides their utility and simplicity, what we love about these pieces is that they can go right up on the walls with ease. Opt for the wall mount, a smooth wooden ring that you screw right into the wall, and then affix it like this:

  1. Hold the wooden ring up to the wall where you want it, with the two pre-drilled holes against the wall. Use a level to be sure it's straight!
  2. Mark a dot through each hole using a pencil. Then set the ring aside.
  3. Drill a hole into the wall where each dot is, using a power drill and a bit that's a teeny bit bigger than the plastic mounts.
  4. Press the included plastic mounts into those pretty new holes.
  5. Mount the wooden ring to the wall by screwing the included screws through the ring and into the holes inside the mounts. Check that it's sturdy, then pat yourself on the back.

Whenever you want to water or care for your plant, simply lift it out of the wooden ring to do so, then set it back in without any screwing or futzing. Easy, peasy—your plant friend gets a lift.

Do you love hanging things on your walls? Tell us what odds and ends you put up as art, in the comments!

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Amanda Sims

Written by: Amanda Sims

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