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38 Supplies That Will Help You Survive (and Have More Fun) in the Woods

July 28, 2016

Camp versus camping: Two very different experiences by the same name. Camp is where you go during summers as a tween, a sort of massive extended sleepover in the woods with babysitters called "counselors." At camp, you can expect rules and organized play, singing and treats. To go camping, however, is a different thing—you might pack the trunk of your Subaru full of tents, food, tarps, flashlights, water, enamel cups, socks, and more, but not an actual trunk (those belong to camp).

Camp is about friendship. Camping is about the gear (and yes, nature and time with family and getting dirty, too). And so even though this week is a celebration of the former, we couldn't resist rounding up our favorite camping gadgets and gizmos from our Shop to celebrate. You might not send your teenager off to camp with a new set of enamelware plates, but aren't you glad to know we have some?

Here are some of our favorite camping essentials (or, okay, non-essentials) from the Shop:

A good folding knife

Fire supplies

Snacks + sustenance

A towel, blankie, or throw

Totes and pouches


Tools for eating

Inessential but wholly delightful stowaways

What camping gear would you love to see in our Shop? Tell us what to keep an eye out for, in the comments.

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Amanda Sims

Written by: Amanda Sims

Professional trespasser.

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spammer July 31, 2016
Get real on the article title. Should be titled "38 Items that you can show off and indicate you are a Pompous Fashionista with a Top 1% Budget while Glamping in the Backyard"
$80 Plates, $25 mugs, $28 white linen napkins, $88 hand towel, Knives with useless designs for $140+. And finally, $80 totes not large enough to hold anything except a smart phone to call an Uber when you need to bail out.

How about a well designed axe, folding saw, fire-starting supplies, a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, water container, cooler for food/drinks.

REI has a camping checklist for camping if you are so inept at camping preparation.

A dose of reality,
Mr. Eagle Scout