Welcome to Tomato Week on Food52!

August 22, 2016

In a certain light, all the other produce showing up in markets all year is the meandering parade leading up to now: Tomato season, everything-is-in-season season.

Welcome to Tomato Week on Food52—the week where we take a nod from the markets, roll up our sleeves (not white), and bring you our best in tomatoey articles and recipes.

Photo by James Ransom

Here are a few things you can expect this week:

  • In just a short hour, come back for our ode to the tomato sandwich and its simple perfection—and then see how we mess it up anyway. (We’ll also invite you to do the same, later in the week—stay tuned for our BLT-Off, the results of which will all go down on Facebook Live.)
  • We’ll dive deep to untangle the unexpected love story of tomatoes and dairy.
  • We’ll report on how a tomato gets its price—and bring you the rules of tomato buying from a tomato expert.
  • On Tuesday, our Italian correspondent Emiko Davies will take us through the ten most iconic Italian tomato dishes.
  • There’ll be a lusty tomato graphic each day on our social channels (yes, lusty).
  • Our resident baker/evil genius Alice Medrich has given a popular childhood a tomatoey makeover, and there will be a new featured recipe every day—among plenty of rounded up favorites.

Get thee to a market, and then come back and see us every day this week. (If you get lost, just click on the tomato illustration at the bottom of any Tomato Week article; this is your ticket back to all of our features.)

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