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Vote on a Name for Our New Food52 Blue from Mosser Glass!

August 26, 2016

Jadeite, pale flower-petal pink, milk white, and a swirling grey: Our colors from Ohio-based maker Mosser Glass are pretty near perfect.

But we thought it was time to shake things up. (We like messing with perfect, see?) Please welcome our newest color from Mosser—a brilliant, soothing blue—which they designed exclusively for us (and you!). It's the only Mosser Color you can't get anywhere else. It's Food52's Mosser blue.

We're launching these new blue pieces in a few short weeks—but before then, we need your help to name the newly minted color. Take a look:

What shall we call thee, blue? Photo by Rocky Luten

After many brainstorming sessions (one even with the entire company) wherein we batted around names of flowers, foods, and bodies of water that this blue reminded us of, we decided they were all a little too literal. We wanted, as Merrill put it, "something abstract that has meaning to us!" A blue that gets at the heart of Food52.

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Here are three options we settled on, without further ado:

  • Chelsea (Food52's neighborhood in NYC for the past three years!)
  • Georgica (The site of Amanda's family's home, in Long Island—and where she got married!)
  • Brooklin (Not to be confused with the borough near us; this is the town in Maine where Merrill was married, and the site of her family home.)
The blue looks lighter in bright lights and more saturated in shadows (these are the first of the new cake stands in production!). Photo by Alicia Oblander

It's a very special color—in all their forty-plus years as a company, Mosser has never come up with a color exclusively for any of their partners—so we're more than a little excited.

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Top Comment:
“I would personally eliminate Chelsea blue as the name is a former porn star, And Brooklin, even thought spelled different...doesn't work for me re the color...too far, Georgica Blue is about "green, blue algae...doesn't work for me, Marbella Blue would be the name would choose as it reflects, cakes, cookies and baked designs...but the name would be my recipe! lol ”
— Joanne T.

Tell us in the comments which name you like the best for our new blue—Chelsea Blue, Georgica Blue, or Brooklin Blue—and we'll name a winner very soon.


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Amanda Sims

Written by: Amanda Sims

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Remylu March 1, 2022
Why not 'ethereal' blue? It's so pretty!
Annie February 27, 2022
Brooklyn blue does it for me!
joni M. August 7, 2020
azure delight, or serenity blue
sethchan September 24, 2016
I'm not going to buy anything in a color that has the same name as a porn star.
bette September 21, 2016
Chelsea blue
Teresa B. September 21, 2016
Chelsea blue
buddiegirl September 20, 2016
It has to be Chelsea blue (blue like the sea). It has such a nice ring to it.
Dorothea N. September 20, 2016
I like Chelsea. I'd name it Memento or Como (as in Lake Como)
Rebecca R. September 20, 2016
Georgica Blue>
Cookit September 20, 2016
I feel if you wish to chose something abstract which has meaning to you, you should chose it. It's not like naming a blue colour. It's a very personal thing for you meant to conjure memories of your past. You should chose whichever speaks to you the loudest. Those choices do not relate to the colour; therefore, it is difficult for the public to make a colour choice based on someone else's memories. Everyone's just guessing at which name you like best. Just saying. I would have suggested Mosser Blue for something personal or Sea Glass for a description and something which brings a colour to mind.
sethchan September 20, 2016
I like those two!
normaburns September 20, 2016
Of those listed, I'd say, Chelsea. However, I'd call it Shadow.
Lesley B. September 20, 2016
sethchan September 20, 2016
Yes, name it after a porn star.
Lesley B. September 20, 2016
Oh... I did not know. I apologize if I offended you.
sethchan September 20, 2016
No, no, not offended. I apologize if I offended you.
Lesley B. September 20, 2016
I am not offended. Thank you for your kindness. As you alluded in your initial post, names can invoke memories both good and bad, both honorable and dishonorable. If I may venture an opinion: beauty cannot be overcome by ugliness. Chelsea, Brooklin and Georgica, as described by Food52, stand glorious and triumphant in their beauty.
sethchan September 20, 2016
I can respect that. I explained my objections to those three names in my original comment from a few weeks ago and I don't really have anything to add. The porn star link was not among those objections. It's a fun discussion.
Kathy,Wadenpfuhl September 20, 2016
Chelsea honor of the bomb survivors.
sethchan September 20, 2016
And the porn star.
arlenekrumholz September 20, 2016
Brooklin! absolutely! It flows, like a brook, it evokes the sparkle, the color, the charm of this beautiful color!
Summer A. September 9, 2016
Georgica Blue!
I U. September 5, 2016
Title of the article leads one to believe that WE could submit names for the color. Disappointing. BTW, the three names are blah.
sethchan September 20, 2016
Debbie M. August 31, 2016
Georgica !!!!! Please it will remind all of us Mosser's of the late
Georgie Mosser. And when I met her son (my husband)in 1978 this color of blue was her favorite decorating color and remained in her home all the rest of her life
Mosser G. August 31, 2016
Judith B. August 31, 2016
Chelsea! It reminds me of a long-ago weekend morning breakfast trip to a little Chelsea eatery when the sky was a crisp blue!
Kristi F. August 30, 2016