Joe Pastry

March  9, 2011

There are thousands of cooking blogs -- each week, we bring you highlights from the best. This week, we've got tarts on the brain.

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Who is Joe Pastry? "A guy who believes that if a man feels like whipping up a nice almond cocoa genoise or a few madeleines, well ... he should be able to do so." He's not afraid to throw together anything from homemade doughnuts to dog biscuits, and show us how to do the same. And his blog, Joe Pastry (one that even Harold McGee might find himself poking through), is a library of helpful baking techniques, history and science.

Joe himself started baking in a serious way when, while working in advertising, he was diagnosed with stage four lymphoma. At the suggestion of a chef friend, he turned to pastry for a healthy dose of positivity. "So far I've enjoyed a decade of full remission and indulgence in something I love to do," Joe told us. "I started the blog, after a baking business I started in Louisville failed, specifically on basic techniques and preparations, since there seemed to be so little of that out in the blogosphere."

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Eclairs  Jelly Roll

Filling this void, Joe brings us Joe Pastry, his sweet and doughy doppelganger. "From the beginning, I promised myself that if I was going to start a blog, I was going to treat it like a job," claims Joe. True to his word, Joe Pastry is the Rolls-Royce of pastry blogs, a veritable dessert tray of tips, techniques, recipes, and discussion about all things baked.

The recipes are the clear heart of the website, each accompanied by an exquisite slideshow of Joe's process (no step left behind!). His instructional captions take you through an elaborate Buche de Noel or Joe's current favorite, jelly doughnuts, ensuring success for elementary and expert bakers alike. With late winter tarts on our minds, we're delving into Joe's pastry section: Cornish Pasties! Galette des Rois! Rehrucken! Bakers, sharpen those pencils and get ready to take notes! Let Joe be your inspiration in this week's special contest, and mitts off to all of you rolling, pinching, piping, and egg-washing your sweet way to victory!

Coffee Cake Twist  Measuring Pastry Paper for Paris-Brest


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lemonbarsforlife July 2, 2022
If anyone is looking for Joe Pastry the web site is down but you can find pages on an internet archive called The Way Back Machine. I've been reunited with my one and only lemon bar recipe and pumpkin pie recipe! When I have the time and courage, laminated dough is next!
Ribbonsnroses August 4, 2022
Thank you for this!
Jeri R. March 18, 2020
OMG this is so great! I can face the Coronavirus with hope. Thank you Joe!❤️❤️❤️
Lani H. March 7, 2020 is back up!!
Jean M. February 8, 2022
I thought this has happened before! The site is being flagged once again because something about site identity expired 106 days ago. I’m pretty sure he’ll be back up but I always panic when his site is temporally down!
Bridget_M March 2, 2020
Hello, in regards to the site, I too was devastated to find the site down. I contacted him yesterday and he let me know to please spread the word that the site will be back up and running in a few days. It was just a server error and the problem is getting fixed! Please share our love of this amazing baking site with other bakers! I will be donating $ in the future to ensure that this remarkable baking treasure trove will continue to exist! I can only hope that you would all do the same?! For the love of baking!! Please pass on this information!
Jeri R. March 18, 2020
Tell me where to donate
Jeri R. March 18, 2020
Just donated found on Joe’s site didn’t see it before.
Jeri R. February 29, 2020
Joe had a Facebook account at one time. I posted there but no reply yet. I’m about ready to go snail mail. The instagram account lists a restaurant. I’ll just ask if it’s his blog cause I’m not even sure who Joe is really and would he post answer in Facebook account. It’s a shot in the dark but it’s worth it.
Jeri R. February 23, 2020
Lordy me too! I would be willing to donate to save the web site. Hopefully someone is listening. Was there any warning?
Deanna B. February 26, 2020
I too would donate. I loved this site and only discovered it a few weeks ago. It did have a farewell post but also said as long as there was interest and an internet, it would continue to be hosted. 🙁
jeanpanzer65 February 18, 2020
UGH! I went to Joe Pastry's blog and it said "internal server error" I have been saving his "Opera Cake" step by steps for YEARS and refer to his blog when I take on something I deem challenging. I don't know if he stopped his blog all together and I missed it or what happened. Do we know his LAST name or if the website being down is temporary
mdelgatty February 22, 2020
Me too! Given the information that he was ill, I hope that isn't the reason the site is gone... Really wish the info were still available...
Lani H. February 23, 2020
I looked him up online- Jim Beatty in Louisville, runs an ad agency called Nerve Collective.
Lani H. February 23, 2020
Please share opera cake recipe if you have it. I copied the joconde sponge part off his site.
mdelgatty February 23, 2020
could you please share it here?
mdelgatty February 23, 2020
I tracked him down; he appears to be the head pastry chef at a spiffy caterer in San Diego called Waters Fine Foods:

and here's a video posted in 2018:

and his Instagram, with current posts:

so he looks to be doing fine... No indication of anywhere he's likely to respond to pleas, though!
mdelgatty February 23, 2020
This request was meant for Lana H...
Jean M. February 23, 2020
Actually this is not the same Joe Pastry, I hit him up on Instagram and he said he was not the same Joe Pastry, but said he would help me find an Opera Cake a Recipe. He was really nice but was clear that other people had contacted him as well regarding the same “other Joe Pastry”

When I checked the last time I visited theJoe Pastry blog (Thanks to Google snapshot) there was a Farewell, it’s been fun post that said he couldn’t keep up with the webpage anymore... it’s taken me about a week to get all that info and I am so bummed that he is no longer on and hope he is doing well 🙂
Jean M. February 23, 2020
Apparently I have two accounts!!! The jeanpanzer65 and this one ... 🤦🏻‍♀️ sorry if that response was confusing! But they are both me lol
Lani H. February 24, 2020
Hi, I don't think I can upload a PDF to this site but I have his recipes for Joconde sponge, “Neo-Classic” Génoise (I made a buche de noel), and choix pastry dough. if you email me separately (not sure how to exchange emails through a public forum), I can either google share the docs or send you a pdf of those. It looks like he stopped posting in 2011 and finally shut down the site. I really loved his site, it was so comprehensive for a new baker like myself, describing things like the "birdsbeak stage" for choix pastry.

And here is the link on who I "think" is Joe pastry:
Jeri R. February 29, 2020
mdelgatty February 29, 2020
What I'm really bummed about is I can't remember why I was so sure I'd found the right Joe Pastry!
Jean M. March 1, 2020
Hah! be assured that you are not the only one! I messaged the person I thought to beat your pastry on Instagram and that’s how I found out it indeed was not him after I asked him why he shut down his blog LOL I am very disappointed to but it’s clear that the real job history doesn’t have time to keep up with the block and it’s a shame for those of us who enjoyed it ... but I hope he is well and happy at the very least 😊
lookyloocooks March 15, 2011
Thanks Joe! Your a great teacher!
I really enjoying your site. Every visit I learn something new :)
Sagegreen March 10, 2011
Thanks for sharing this great site. I just gave a link to my friend's daughter who has wanted to make their dog biscuits!
Bob V. March 10, 2011
In just a five minute surf at Joe Pastry I learned why you add dry milk to bread, the secret to a Tres Leche cake, and how to un-seize chocolate. I know what I'll be doing over lunch today - more Joe Pastry for me please. Thank you for putting this on my radar. All the best to Joe - what a touching story of finding wellness in following your true passion.
fiveandspice March 10, 2011
Wow! Absolutely lovely.
Sunchowder March 10, 2011
Blog is gorgeous! I am looking forward to reading on a regular basis :)
mcs3000 March 9, 2011
Whoa, thanks for sharing. Can't wait to dig into Joe's blog.
Sasha (. March 9, 2011
What a cool web site - so in-depth. Great work. Will definitely be popping in to look things up. :)
FrancesRen March 9, 2011
I love your blog Joe. I saved it.
Lena S. March 9, 2011
I heart pastry and I heart Joe.
mrslarkin March 9, 2011
Thanks for highlighting this one. Great instructional photos. congrats on your remission, Joe!
Minimally I. March 9, 2011
Thanks for sharing! I've just added the blog to my feed, as my baking skills are sadly lacking.
boulangere March 9, 2011
Signing on, too, Lizthechef!
Jaynerly March 9, 2011
So inspirational! Now pastry & bread I need help with- blog looks great!