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These 15 Recipes Are Not Fast or Easy, But They’re Worth It

September 28, 2016

“I spent forever on this recipe. It was so hard. I loved it!”

…said no one ever.

That's because we praise speed, efficiency, and ease, but guess what: As a scout leader has certainly said somewhere, taking on challenges grows hair on your chin. You don’t get a badge in Boy Scouts if you don’t do anything, right?

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These 15 recipes are kind of pains in the butts—they might take a little while to make, or to shop for, and you might not get them right the first time. But we think they’re worth the effort, worth the time in the kitchen, worth the potential headache.

No pain, no gain, people! Here are 15 projects worth taking on:

Tell us: What dish do you like to labor over?

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KOKelley September 29, 2016
I love Thomas Keller's butternut squash soup. I make a double batch and freeze the leftovers and then love my past-self every time we get to enjoy it again! Also - Momofuku ramen.