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Coasters *Can* Be Works of Copper Geometric Art

November 18, 2016

Our makers are what bring the Food52 Shop to life, so we partnered with Roca Patrón to create exclusive new products with a few—like these hammered copper coasters. Check out their stories (and products!) here.

Everyday objects—the unsung heroes surrounding all of us—are what inspire Joseph Kent and Sallyann Corn, the founders of fruitsuper design, a Seattle-based design studio that base their work on the balance of fun and function. Their simple designs like the Brass Lift Trivet and Lift Coasters use gorgeous, richly-colored metals and reflect their manufacturing methods and materiality.

They visited us recently to talk about a new, exclusive coaster they're making just for us—and to share a few drinks, too. Take a peek into their design process and hear their story by watching the video above.

Roca Patrón is crafted using Weber Blue Agave and the age-old 'tahona' method, where you crush the agave with a 2-ton rock (!). See all their styles, from silver to añejo, here.

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