Printable, Cheeky Food Picks that Make Snacking Easier When You're Clutching a Drink

October  6, 2016

Football season is in full swing. That means platters of finger food aplenty! Which is always a little awkward, right? A large plate of finger food and a hungry crowd—there's no graceful way to grub. Enter these too-cute printable food picks. A few simple steps make it easy to dress up any party plate (and they act as handy utensils!).

Photo by Tim McSweeney

A tip for the host, if your guests are there early and ask how they can help: Put them to work snipping, folding, and taping these babies.

Here's what you'll need:

  • The image above, saved to your computer (more on how to do that, below)
  • Access to a printer
  • Scissors
  • A glue stick or double-sided tape
  • Toothpicks (regular length or slightly elongated ones)
All you'll need to make these picks—including snacks! Photo by Linda Xiao

How to make them:

  • Right-click on the illustration at the top of this page, click "Save Image As," and save the file to your desktop (or anywhere you can find it!). Open up the file and print it full-scale, or 8.5" x 11". Each print-out will make six picks, so duplicate according to how many you want.
  • Using scissors, cut out the appetizer graphics on the page. (Editor's Note: It's actually not easier to use an Exact-o Knife to cut them out—scissors are the way to go!) Fold each pair of graphics right down the middle so they match up back-to-back.
Cut 'em out, then glue them onto a toothpick. Photo by Linda Xiao
  • Unfold and dab a little glue on the back sides of the graphics, set one end of a toothpick in the glue, then fold closed to secure. This is easy work with a glue stick, since it won't dry immediately so you'll be able to easily wiggle the shapes to line up just how you like them, but you can also use a small square of double-sided tape to the same end, if preferred.
  • Repeat!

Place picks (graphic side up) into bite-sized food on your appetizer plate. You may want to leave out a small bowl for toothpick discards (although how could you throw away something so cute!?).

And they're just as happy to help out with dessert. Photo by Linda Xiao

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Natalie R. October 7, 2016
Nice! I love the iconic art style. A tip that I learned from doing things like this way too many times: it can actually look better to leave a small white outline around the images. I you try to avoid white and leave some, it's extremely noticeable. If you leave white but it's inconsistent in thickness, it's actually a lot less noticeable that you made a mistake. You can always cut it off if you don't like it, but you can't add it back, so I encourage you to try!
Amanda S. October 7, 2016
That's a great suggestion!