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A Super-Stunner of a Wreath DIY—That Starts with a Hula-Hoop

December  8, 2016

A modern twist on a traditional door wreath can make a striking impact hanging indoors on a wall as part of your holiday decorations.

Photo by India Hobson

The metallic hoop brings that touch of sparkle and balances perfectly with wild scrappy foliage and twigs—set off with a dark, luxe velvet ribbon for romantic winter glamour.

Here's what you'll need:

  • A hula hoop
  • Metallic spray paint (here, gold)
  • Floral wire
  • A selection of foliage, such as dusty miller, eucalyptus, twigs, magnolia leaves, and grasses
  • Velvet ribbon (here, dark blue)
Take to the yard for supplies. Photo by India Hobson

How to put it together:

Step 1.

Take a regular hula hoop and spray each side with gold (or any other metallic tone) spray paint and leave to dry fully.

The power of spray paint! Photo by India Hobson

Step 2.

Attach your roll of wire to the hoop with a simple knot. Take small sprigs of your chosen foliages and cluster them together to form a bunch. Lay this flat on the frame and wrap the wire around the bottom part of the stems a few times to secure.

Cover 1/3 of the hoop with bundles in the same direction. Photo by India Hobson

Step 3:

Repeat the previous step, staggering the bunches of foliage along the hoop.

Step 4:

When one third of the hoop is covered it's time to change direction.

See where you change directions, for the final few bundles? Photo by India Hobson

The next two or three bunches should be slightly bigger in size and cover the stems of the previous bunches. Tuck the stems into the foliage already attached to the wreath to create a seamless join.

Tucking the stems together where they intersect. Photo by India Hobson

Step 5:

Tie your chosen ribbon to the top of your wreath, this can also act as a way to hang the hoop.

Bow time. Photo by India Hobson

Note: I choose the ingredients for the wreath carefully, bearing in mind how it will look when it has dried out. Foliages such as dusty miller and eucalyptus hold their shape and colour; twigs and grasses work well too.

Anna Potter is the founder of Swallows & Damsons, a floral studio in Sheffield, England. Follow her on Instagram for endless inspiration, and watch for more of her how-to's coming to Food52.

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Founder of Swallows & Damsons


Cheri M. December 14, 2016
This looks stunning, is the ribbon used here an 1" wide velvet. Can you suggest fixings to attach to concrete wall.
Kenzi W. December 8, 2016
This is so beautiful.
catherine M. December 8, 2016
Love this!
Olivia B. December 8, 2016
Actually gasped when this came up on the homepage. I want that in my home year round!