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Breaking: Wreaths Say Doors Shouldn't Have All the Fun

December  8, 2016

I live in an apartment building in Brooklyn, New York. My door is made of steel. But I really want a wreath.

Our wreaths from Creekside Farms have been calling my name since my first days at Food52. They're not run-of-the-mill wreaths, but instead use unusual flora: eucalyptus, dried slices of orange, thistle, tallowberry. After they arrive to you fresh, Creekside's greenery is meant to dry, and very elegantly so, so it can hang for months and months. I've killed every plant that has come into my possession, so the idea that I can get a little green in my apartment without watering (i.e. forgetting to water) anything is 10 points for Gryffindor.

Despite all that, however, I finally took home the Olive and Eucalyptus wreath, whose leaves dry so prettily into a dusty, sage green (and it smells good, too).

But back to that steel door. I can't put a nail in there to hang my new wreath friend (maybe if I had a power drill, but I don't think my landlord would be too happy about that). And steel door notwithstanding, I also didn't like the idea of not being able to readily admire my wreath.

OK, think, Olivia.

In times of decor need, I often turn to Alexis Anthony, our Art Director, or Amanda Sims, our Home and Design Editor and craftiest person I've ever met. So that's what I did! And their suggestion was good. Look:

Photo by Bobbi Lin


Pretty snazzy, right? And this wreath-meets-centerpiece is about the easiest way for instant Martha Stewart vibes on your table. One could cuddle up a few different kinds of candles (like the arrangement pictured here) or if it's one of our fluffier wreaths, a single large pillar candle will do, too!

One important word of warning: be careful of fire! These wreaths will dry out, after all. The thin boxwood and myrtle wreath pictured above keeps a relatively low profile so the flame is distant from the greenery. For a thicker wreath, you'd be best to find something to set your candles on (just look around your house: we suggest a stack of saucers or a small bowl with a wide flat base, turned over). Regardless, keep a close watch on your diminishing candle.

(Or here's a fun idea! Set the candles on top of a mini cake stand, in the middle of the wreath! WREATH + CAKE STAND?! Ok, I'm getting a little crazy.)

Have you ever used your wreaths anywhere besides hanging them on the door? Tell us your secrets below.

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Alix December 9, 2016
I also live in an apartment in Brooklyn with a steel front door, and just use a 3M adhesive hook to hang my wreath. Very easy.
NancyFromKona December 8, 2016
My mother just called in tears telling me how absolutely delighted she is with her wreath purchased here. It was delivered on time yesterday just as you had indicated to me. She left it inside (22 degrees now in northern IL!) and now says her downstairs is delightfully scented with eucalyptus. I can not thank you enough.
Olivia B. December 8, 2016
I'm so glad to hear that Nancy! We are big fans of those wreaths around here.