Passover Inspiration

April 15, 2011

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ohyoucook April 23, 2011
Sorry, but saying "Passover inspired" while including butter in a chicken recipe with the excuse "kosher observant folks will be familiar with appropriate substitutions" is like posting vegan-inspired recipes that include butter, defending the inclusion with "vegan observant folks will be familiar with appropriate substitutions."
Kristen M. April 23, 2011
Thanks so much for your comment. We consulted with Jewish colleagues and friends (both kosher observant and not) before posting and it seemed more akin to including dairy or eggs in a vegetarian roundup, since family traditions vary so widely. But we should have been more sensitive -- it was a misstep and we apologize for any offense it might have caused.
Gail H. April 19, 2011
The chicken with herbed butter wouldn’t exactly do for Passover or any other seder, unless I’m missing something in my understanding of kosher.
Kristen M. April 19, 2011
The herb butter is definitely optional, and olive oil is a great substitute for the butter on the chicken itself (this recipe is a real standout for technique, above all). Some of the recipes included here aren't strictly kosher (especially in combination) but we know that kosher observant folks will be familiar with appropriate substitutions.
Gail H. April 19, 2011
I agree, Kristen... the technique is interesting, and I’m sure kosher cooks can adapt the recipes. I guess I just misunderstood the purpose of the post. They’re still delicious-sounding recipes!
Kristen M. April 19, 2011
Thanks, Gail!
Morningstar42 April 16, 2011
Merrill, do you have any good Gleuten free menus 's .?
My daughter has Celiacs disease.
Kristen M. April 17, 2011
Hi there -- you can search for recipes tagged as gluten free, like so: But please double check that the ingredients are 100% gluten free, since these recipes were submitted by food52's members, who may be cooking for varying degrees of gluten intolerance (Celiac being the most severe).
zingyginger April 16, 2011
This set of recipes also looks promising for a gluten-free dinner. Am excited to try 'em for a friend.
Each one is more beautiful than the next... what a feast it would be. Hats off to all the creative cooks here!