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20 Ways Metallic Tape Can Put a Bright Spot in Your Day

April 21, 2017

A wink. A bright spot. A glimmer of goodness. Something about warm metallic tones—bronzes and golds and brasses and coppers—are inherently positive, especially in small unexpected doses.

Enter the new metallic, foil tape that landed in our shop last week. Here are 20 ways we're using it to spread smiles.

Copper Foil Tape (Set of 2)
  • To seal letters. SWAK!
  • Swapped in for clear tape when wrapping a gift.
  • To mount a simple print on your wall—stick a piece on each corner, or run it all around the art like a faux frame.
  • Taped across simple leather coasters to jazz them up.
  • Wrapped around part of an elegant branch, to prep it for life as a centerpiece.
  • On the round part of your house key, so you don't have to rummage around for it.
  • Turned into art—just use scissors to snip perfect lengths, and a ruler to line up the pieces into a geometric pattern. Frame!
  • To affix a card with your recipient's name on it to a wine bottle gift.
  • Stuck on the back of your phone, with your name written on it. (Never lose that thing again.)
  • Same goes for anything you don't want to misplace, like your notebook or favorite pen at the office.
  • To secure ticket stubs and other happy memories in a scrapbook.
  • Wrapped about the base of a tea light, in lieu of fancier votive holders.
  • Taped over your computer's webcam (yep, you should do this—and it might as well be cute).
  • Labeling: A glimmery piece of foil tape can become a label for those grains and sugars in your pantry.
  • To hang up signs inside the window of your small business (that "back in five!" sign wants a little copper holder).
  • All over a clothespin or two, with a little magnet glued on the back—fridge goals!
  • Turned into a DIY bookmark.
  • To spiff up a simple terra cotta planter, with a few zig-zags across its surface.
  • Around the end of your favorite wooden kitchen spoon, just for a happy glimmer.
  • In lieu of twine, when sealing up baked good gifts in paper bags and parchment packages.

Shop our new metallic foil tape in the Food52 Shop.

Are we forgetting anything? Let us know in the comments.

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    Amanda Sims
Amanda Sims

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Smaug April 21, 2017
I'm not sure if this is an article or an ad; assuming article-copper tape is available at nurseries; it is used on planter boxes and such to prevent snails and slugs from crawling in- it produces a small electrical current in contact with slime. It is also available from luthier supply companies (Stewart MacDonald and LMI being the best known)- it is used to shield the electronics from stray electrical signals. The luthiers' material is available in different widths, and the adhesive on it maintains electrical continuity; that on the nursery material is an insulator.
Amanda S. April 23, 2017
Not an ad! Just a love letter to a newly launched product in the Food52 Shop, as stated right at the top of the article.
svbooker April 21, 2017
Is it possible to emboss this tape? Would love to use it for making embossed labels.