Life-Changing Ways to Salt Your Morning Eggs

April  1, 2017

Tired of rudimentary salting techniques, we did some behind-the-scenes digging to find out how the pros really salt their food—with mind-blowing results. Watch below!

That late-entry contestant? Why, it's viral sensation #SaltBae (that's what the kids are calling him)—the handsome Turkish butcher who burst onto the scene in a now-famous 38-second video, suavely slicing and seasoning a steak. The video, which now boasts 13 million views, culminates in a theatrical showering of salt cascading down his toned forearm.

"Yeah, I've seen it. BIG WHOOP," Amanda Hesser, Food52's co-founder, eye-rolled. "We have to take him down," she told our friend Mario Batali. In the sickest of burns, Mario responded, "He's opening a restaurant in New York, we don't have to take him down—he'll be taken down by the critics!!"

Amanda and Mario were quick to question Salt Bae's technique and point out his bad form.

"Is the salt even making it onto the steak?" "It doesn't look like an even distribution of seasoning—did you SEE all the salt left behind, stuck to his sweaty skin?" "Ugh, for a steak of that size, that doesn't look like NEARLY enough salt. There's no doubt this thing is underseasoned." "What kind of conditioner do you think he uses?"

But could Mario and Amanda one-up #SaltBae? And, more importantly, could they one-up each other?

Amanda insisted her salting techniques didn't just rely on perfectly tanned skin and a deep V-neck. Mario insisted his pony tail is way better.

Mario Batali vs. Amanda Hesser vs. Salt Bae. You tell us—who is the greatest salter of them all?

Ottoman steak 🔪

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Erica C. April 3, 2017
It actually looks like glitter in the Dubai video! I'd prefer salt, so Amanda and Mario both win in my opinion.
I U. April 3, 2017
I feel like a fool for reading this.
Sunny April 2, 2017
Love them both for making me smile. While the eye candy at the end had great technique, it was way under salted. But yeah, I'd still watch him cook anytime.
Samina April 2, 2017
Tough choice! Amanda had it until Mario used his Croc-salter.
Suzan April 2, 2017
I meant to say Sicilian style stuffed artichokes.