A Freebie to Celebrate! Our Most-Trusted Mixing Bowls in a New Blue

April 10, 2017

You're going to want to perk up your eyes for this one! We've got an exclusive new shade (all ours) of the Magrethe Nested mixing bowls from Rosti Mepal in the Shop—and we're celebrating by giving away a special gift for the first 100 people to purchase a set! First, allow us to introduce you to the bowls...

The Margrethe nested mixing bowls from Rosti Mepal are the most-reached for mixing bowls in our kitchen. No-slip bottoms, sealable storage lids, durability, and the best accessories, like special lids with fixed blades that grate and slice right into the bowls, are all reasons why these mixing bowls seldom see the inside of our cabinets.

Clearly, you agree: they've been a best-selling smash in the Shop since we first brought them in!

The iconic, streamlined design (courtesy of Denmark) is easy on the eyes. And now, it's even easier: the bowls are newly available in a foggy, dreamland blue—and exclusively in our Shop.

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Be one of the first 100 people to get your hands on a set (in either size), and you're in luck, because we'll snuggle in a mini version of the Margrethe bowls—a blue 5-ouncer with matching lid—for packable salad dressing, snips of herbs, or the tiniest bit of leftovers (let no mashed potato go to waste!).

The minis are only available for a hot second—once those 100 mini bowls are gone, they're gone forever. Now's the time! (And don't worry, even after the minis are gone, you can still get the full-sized sets. Phew.)

Be one of the first 100, and this mini could be yours (see it on the tippy top of the 3-mixing bowl set?).

Get your set here, and say hello in the comments below.

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Olivia Bloom

Written by: Olivia Bloom

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