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8 Sweeping Utensils That Make Cleaning Less of a Chore

May 25, 2017

There may be those among us who find a wet mop to be oddly therapeutic, but I’d venture to guess that for the vast majority of us, the best mess is one that doesn’t exist. That’s why I love fancy sweeping and mopping utensils, the kinds of tools that will make a better, prettier moment out of an otherwise rough situation.

Hear me out: Things are always getting spilled—piles of sea salt in the kitchen, an entire bottle of vitamins in the bathroom (you could’ve sworn the cap was on), dust and cat hair everywhere—and it’s just not that fun to reach for a Handyvac. You know what makes it a little more fun? Cleaning tools that look as good as the rest of your house does. And, better—these specimens are higher quality, and will last longer, than the plastic handles and dust pans hanging in most of our broom closets.

Here are a few we love:

Table Sweeping Set
Beech Dustpan
Computer Brush
Wooly Mammoth Mop

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miriamnz May 27, 2017
I use a dough/pastry cutter and a small brush. Currently an antique natural hair shaving brush. Both kept in the kitchen drawer with other utensils. I do like the concept if shovel and funnel though.