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IKEA’s New Collection Is Playful, Vibrant, and Kind of Weird

June 29, 2017

EDITOR'S NOTE: This post originally ran on May 30, 2017. We're republishing it because the collection just went on sale. Have fun!

Late last week, IKEA offered a first look at its limited edition STUNSIG line, set to hit stores next month. The line features the creations of six designers from across the Western hemisphere, from the United States to Denmark to France. It's an uncompromisingly bizarre collection. Funky prints of produce adorn cushions and dinnerware; bed textiles are emblazoned with flora and fauna.

What unifies these creations is, according to Creative Leader Henrik Most, an aesthetic concern with “rare, different, daring, and fashionable prints, patterns, and color compositions.” He perceives this forward-facing ethos to be the essence of IKEA’s brand, and he encourages customers to embrace this collection's whimsical attitude.

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Given those parameters, this line could've so easily been too tryingly edgy, yet I'd say it amounts to something more of a pleasant oddball—in other words, I'm compelled to bring it into my home. And the ad campaign is deliriously strange, with linens spilling out of washing machines and draped over the shoulders of models.

Photo by IKEA

Of the line’s offerings, I’m perhaps most drawn to Malcolm Stuart’s textiles with sad, surprised cucumbers. “These cucumbers have problems,” Stuart, based in the States, explains. “Some are sliced, others think they’re soon to be sliced and one seems shocked by something on their phone.”

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Top Comment:
“Wow! What great graphics! What else has Malcolm done? I like those cucumbers, too, and his work looks familiar.”
— Whiteantlers

Incredible. May all our pillow gourds have problems! Take a look at a sample of photographs from the campaign below:

Photo by IKEA
Photo by IKEA
Photo by IKEA
Photo by IKEA
Photo by IKEA
Photo by IKEA

Browse the rest of IKEA's STUNSIG line here.

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Moshee June 22, 2017
Love this line!!!
Peggy D. June 1, 2017
I really want that comforter with the bees but I don't they are on sale yet. Anyone know when? :-(
ustabahippie June 1, 2017
Absolutely need those bees!
Saffron3 May 30, 2017
It is just wonderful design, and good for an upbeat living of life. Thanks for telling me/us about this!

Whiteantlers May 30, 2017
Wow! What great graphics! What else has Malcolm done? I like those cucumbers, too, and his work looks familiar.
Mayukh S. May 30, 2017
I'm really feeling these ALF t-shirts, which resemble something you'd find on a boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ...but better ;)
Whiteantlers May 31, 2017
Ah, Wildwood! Early 60s. Good times, good memories! : )