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Meet the Inventor of the Rotisserie Machine with a Cult Following

June 29, 2017

Earlier in our podcast season, we did a show on the Roto-Broil 400—a rotisserie machine that’s over 60 years old but still has a healthy cult following of home cooks.

(If you haven’t listened, you might want to go back and do that—today's episode will make a lot more sense.)

After we aired that episode, we received an email from the son-in-law of the inventor. In his email, he wrote:

“You see, my wife’s father, Leon Klinghoffer, was the inventor of the Roto Broil. Yes, that Leon Klinghoffer.”

Today’s episode is Leon's story; his daughters, Ilsa and Lisa, joined us in the studio to tell it.

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Kenzi Wilbur

Written by: Kenzi Wilbur

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