Starting Today, Whole Foods Is Selling Wine for as Low as $8

July 21, 2017

A quick Friday PSA: Starting today, Whole Foods stores across the country are selling graciously-discounted wines until this Sunday, July 23. It's featuring 16 different wines, ranging from subtle rosés to canned Chardonnays to "chillable reds," that belong to the store's Sommelier Selects list, curated by in-house sommelier Devon Broglie. The store's offering a 20 percent discount on these wines—the cheapest variety goes for $8, and almost all, barring one 1.5 mL Magnum of rosé, go for under $20.

The chillable reds, along with Broglie's notes, include:

  • Lieubeau Cabernet Franc: “Lively, fresh, and full of berry notes,” Broglie says.
  • Santa Julia Tintillo: Broglie attributes its vibrancy to Malbec and Bonarda grapes.
  • Cleto Chiarli Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro Amabile: It's on the sweeter side, “fruity” and “frothy.”
  • Tendu California Red Wine: “Fresh, irreverent, delicious,” Broglie claims—a fine set of traits!
  • Planeta Frappato: As aromatic as rose petals.
  • Jadot Beaujolais-Villages Combe Aux Jacques: Best cold, Broglie says, so its “delicate floral and fruit notes” are preserved.

As for the other offerings:

  • Le Pillon Gascogne: Broglie likens its mouthfeel to that of a “freshly-picked green apple.”
  • Bieler Family Daisy Pinot Grigio Blend: “Intense, peachy, racy,” Broglie boasts. “Perfect outside with ceviche or fish tacos.”
  • El Terrano Albariño: A fine companion to paella or grilled shrimp.
  • West Side Wine Co. Chardonnay: A canned cold wine, ideal for the beach.
  • Charles & Charles Rosé: “Ten glasses of wine in each magnum—party on!" he encourages. "Spicy, floral, fresh berries. I like it with Mediterranean food… or fried chicken.”
  • Monterustico Piemonte Rosso: Broglie lauds it for its “intense structure.”
  • OTWC (Oregon Trails Wine Company) Pinot Noir: An ideal accompaniment to grilled salmon, with notes of rosemary, plum, and “just a hint of cherry cola.”
  • Bodini Cielo Rojo Red Blend: Rich and fruity, according to Broglie, it goes well with carne asada or grilled sausage.
  • Ancient Peaks Cabernet Sauvignon: “Dense, ripe, toasty,” Broglie says, adding it's best with flank steak.
  • Vacanze Italiane Prosecco: It's got the taste of peaches and apricots.
Image courtesy Whole Foods Market.

These sound rather lovely. Please note that the discount, of course, applies to all Whole Foods stores across America that sell wine—approximately 400 of the chain's 445 US stores, per a Whole Foods representative I spoke to earlier today. The closest Whole Foods location to me that sells wine is over in the Upper West Side in Manhattan. If you do live near a location that stocks wine, though, mosey on over before the weekend comes to an end.

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babymustard July 23, 2017
"almost all, barring one 1.5 mL Magnum of rosé, go for under $20" ... that's a small bottle!