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Meet the Man Who Grows Pumpkins as Big as Smart Cars

August 10, 2017

Leonardo Urena has broken the California state record for the biggest pumpkin three times; he’s grown the largest pumpkin in the United States once. And he regularly flies to other countries to teach them how to grow giant vegetables: He was just in Japan, and he helps run a seed exchange with growers in Spain. His latest quest: Growing a 2000-pound pumpkin in his patch at Hudson Ranch.

Photo courtesy of Hudson Ranch.

How, exactly, do you grow a gourd larger than a living room? And more importantly—why? That's in today's episode of Burnt Toast, which is our season's last. We want to thank all of you for listening with us for Season 2! And if you missed an episode or just started listening, you can find our whole catalogue here.

Photo courtesy of Hudson Ranch.

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Leonardo, far left, posing with his prize pumpkin. Photo courtesy of Hudson Ranch.

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