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The Eye-Opening Trailer for Anthony Bourdain's New Documentary

August 24, 2017

Food television impresario Anthony Bourdain is throwing his weight behind a new cause with the release of Wasted!, a documentary that sheds light on the massive production of global food waste.

The feature length documentary will be available on-demand and released in theaters on Friday, October 13 and sees the chef-cum-media personality united with a cast of food world heavy hitters like Mario Batali, Dan Barber, Sean Brock, and Danny Bowien, to name a few. Together, they tackle the heavy truths of our global system of food production and disposal.

Judging by the trailer, the documentary examines every link on the chain that comprises our current food system, looking wherever possible for places to maximize usage and reduce waste. The truths that belie food waste statistics are harrowing and it seems this documentary is poised to confront them head on.

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    tamater sammich
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tamater S. September 18, 2017
Bones = broth. Fat = schmaltz, lard, or bird food. Meat = people or dog food.
All my garden or grocery store waste goes back to the land. Even eggshells get finely ground in a dedicated blender, and go to the garden. Coffee grounds go to the blueberry bushes. We figured this stuff out decades ago. We just love living this way!
Shree September 3, 2017
Second Serving will pick up food from restaurants etc to give to shelters.

I buy selectively, and small amounts, especially fresh food. I also compost. No food waste in my trash! And very little trash overall, after careful purchases, using my own reusable totes, and recycling with aplomb.
Gary M. September 3, 2017
I have also just finished reading the Third Plate! What an amazing book
Gary M. September 3, 2017
I really really really want to see this. I work for a charitable organisations in Greenwich, London UK called
Cheryl T. September 3, 2017
Very much looking forward to this
Pat F. August 25, 2017
Can't wait to see this!
BerryBaby August 24, 2017
Over the years I have become more aware of how much and what I buy. Like so many, I wasn't using as much I was buying. I have little waste and what I don't consume I feed to the birds and squirrels. Birds love grapes, crows get a treat of apples as do squirrels, corn is a big favorite too. Extra food that I buy like pasta or canned goods are donated to the food pantry.