The People Who Redesigned IKEA’s $.99 Bag Are Coming for Your Kitchen

September  5, 2017
Photo by MoMA Design Store

It’s not everyday you’ll find a group of seasoned design industry professionals swooning over a range of kitchen utensils, but, well, it’s not everyday that said utensils are from the mind of Danish design firm, HAY. (Yes, the same HAY responsible for reimagining IKEA’s iconic Frakta bag last year and the same HAY whose collaboration with the Swedish giant we're looking forward to this fall.)

In development for a year and a half, the collection is the brainchild of Mette Hay, co-founder and creative director of HAY Accessories, and Danish chef and restaurateur Frederik Bille Brahe. In the wake of opening a successful café at Milan Design Week last year, the duo felt compelled to take a closer look at kitchen life and what goes on there, and how they could do a better job creating a “useful, yet intriguing” space for home cooks.

The result is HAY Kitchen Market, and it’s currently being hosted in the basement of Soho’s MoMA Design Store. The exclusive collaboration features a mix of affordable tabletop and kitchen accessories, as well as everyday necessities—everything from cutting boards (from $29) and spatulas to plates (from $13), cups, and sponges. Designers including BIG-GAME, Shane Schneck, Clara Von Zweigbergk, Richard Woods, and George Sowden were brought into the mix to reinterpret seemingly mundane objects as moments of reflection—you’ve seen a water pitcher before, but have you really seen a water pitcher before?

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Take a look at some of the pieces from the HAY Kitchen Market line:

Glass jugs, $35-$45 Photo by HAY
Photo by HAY
Photo by HAY

The range features something for everyone, even the Seamless devotee. (A millennial pink plastic tray comes with various compartments to lend your Netflix and chill sessions a retro TV dinner vibe.) You can see the full range at MoMA Design Store in Soho, or shop select items online now.

Coffeepot, $69-$85 Photo by HAY
Photo by MoMA Design Store
Photo by MoMA Design Store

What HAY x MoMA kitchen products do you wish to get your hands on? That kitty sponge has our name written all over it. Share your picks with us below!

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Someone needs to redesign their shopping carts first! All of them veer sidways!