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Get Excited: Alton Brown's 'Good Eats' is Coming Back to TV

September  6, 2017

Alton Brown—kitchen chemist, TV impresario—will be back on our screens (and in our hearts) sooner than we expected. Over the weekend, Brown announced the return of his classic Food Network TV show, Good Eats, at Dragon Con in Atlanta.

Return of the Eats—the reboot’s name—is set to air in 2018 on The Food Network. Brown is also teasing additional content available online for streaming.

For over ten years, Brown taught viewers how to be effective in the kitchen without forgetting to have fun. He showed us how to use melon ballers in surprising ways or prepare the perfect cup of coffee. His kooky personality brought light and humor to an otherwise daunting space.

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The announcement of the show’s return was much anticipated. Earlier this summer, Brown tweeted a (cryptic, characteristically offbeat) teaser for the for the show’s potential return.

In honor of the show’s impending return, we compiled some of our favorite Good Eats clips:

Years ahead of our current fermentation trend, Brown enlisted the help of a creepy green sock puppet to prepare the perfect pickle.

Here, Brown leans through an open window to help some random kid prepare a delicious looking stovetop mac-n-cheese—all while wearing a pretty cool tiki torch button down.

In this one, he explains the difference between a boy and girl eggplant (who knew?) and gives you a pretty handy hack for how to squeeze the meat out of an eggplant.

And because a little education never hurt anyone, watch this clip to have Brown explain the difference between varieties of rice and how best to cook with each of them.

What are your favorite Good Eats moments? Attach a link in the comments!

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Joyce W. September 10, 2017
hooray! I loved Good Eats and watching Alton's imagination run wild. Use many of his recipes/techniques.
Bonita R. September 10, 2017
Loved Good Eats when it first aired and now watching reruns. Loved the show and Alton can't wait for it's much anticipated return.
Lois B. September 10, 2017
Geez...alton Brown has built his whole career on being unlikeable. Why would i ever want to spend any of my time watching him? Give someone new a chance. There were plenty on the Next food Network Star. How about the fabulous and handsome Italian baker - Damiano Carrara- and his brother? Every thing he made was fabulous, and those two brothers were easy on the eyes! Food Networks answer to the Property Brothers!
piggledy September 10, 2017
Really? This may be the first time I have heard Alton Brown called "unlikeable". We enjoyed his deliberately nerdy and often silly presentation of sometimes challenging cooking topics. I give him and Emeril Lagasse credit for my husband's enthusiasm for cooking. An exuberant presentation of an cooking, which requires some understanding of science along with creativity, makes it palatable and far more interesting. It is delightful to hear Alton Brown will be returning to the screen. As we don't have cable, we will look for the streaming options.
Lois B. September 10, 2017
That is nice that you feel that way. My experience is that whenever he is one of the judges on a cooking show he's a jerk, and the contestants groan when they have to deal with him- even on Iron Chef. When I see him on, I flip the channel or put on Netflicks.
cj September 10, 2017
Wow, not me. Love, love, love Alton Brown. I'm happy when I hear he is on!
TMc September 10, 2017
I'm soooo excited! My most popular meal I'm asked to fix is courtesy of Alton's segment Raising the Steaks. Includes a beef fajita marinade recipe that is outta this world! He literally cooks the meat directly onto hot coals. I just use a super hot gas grill and it is outstanding! Here is the link: Can't do without his recipes for Bruschetta and also Scrambled Eggs. 2018 can't come soon enough. Bring on Return to Eats!
bellw67 September 8, 2017
I didn't watch Good Eats when it was on telly before, but I'm looking forward to watching it when it comes back on. I did see a random rerun and I always liked Alton Brown on Iron Chef.
BerryBaby September 6, 2017
Happy to see aninformative show come back to the Food Network .
Not a fan of just watching people cook in the kitchen without using any measuring spoons or cups and just telling us to eyeball it when their eyes might be a different size than mine ! Now if they would only bring back real chefs.