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5 Home Trends We’re Loving from the Field + Supply Fair

October 12, 2017

In just four short years, the Field + Supply Fair—a “modern interpretation of a traditional craft fair”—has become a serious draw for New Yorkers and the creative flock Upstate. And while the focus is on the spectacular and thoughtfully-curated array of goods on offer, there’s also delicious food, music, archery, fire pits ringed with chairs, dogs, and children toddling about—it’s really the recipe for a perfect day upstate in the crisp fall air. This year’s event was held at the Hutton Brickyards in Kingston, NY, and the items on display did not disappoint. If you didn’t make it to see the pieces yourself, here are the trends that popped up again and again and the makers you have to be sure to check out:

What: Raw Ceramics
Without a layer of vibrant glaze coating the entire surface of these pieces, the earthy, rich foundational clay is allowed to shine. The resulting designs feel rustic, hand-hewn, and have a real sense of place. Stamping or simple painted designs add a bit of interest to some pieces without camouflaging the underlying material.
Who: Virginia SIN, MQuan

What: Hand-forged Metalwork
Whether it’s cast iron pans, a sterling silver cuff, or sculptural steel lighting, these designs all bear prominent traces of the makers—intentional dimpling and slight “imperfections” that separate these pieces from the pack.
Who: Blanc Creatives, Selina King, JM Szymanski

What: Toothsome Textiles
Whether it’s pillows or sturdy hand/dish towels, these wovens have weight, a handmade texture, and they embrace—and sometimes enhance—imperfections.
Who: Stephanie Seal Brown, Hart, The Everyday Co

What: Whimsy
Because sometimes you just want something in your home that makes you smile—these makers create curiosities that are instant conversation starters.
Who: Petitfelts, Curiosity Hudson

What: Unique Woodworking
Whether it’s embracing a live edge, meticulous joinery, or architectural riffs on traditional designs, there were some masterful pieces of furniture on display; the kinds of pieces that are immediate heirlooms and the focal point of a room.
Who: Samuel Moyer, New York Heartwoods, Blanc Creatives, Dzierlenga F+U

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