Creepy (but Cute!) Bento Boxes, Just in Time for Halloween

October 20, 2017

With Halloween around the corner, why not infuse every element of your life with a little bit of spook, lunch included? The midday meal should, obviously, be delicious, but where there’s flavor, there’s always room for flair. Enter the Halloween bento box lunch. In recent days, these horror-inspired bento boxes have been cropping up on the internet and I can’t quite get enough of them.

Bento is a Japanese tradition of a single-serving takeout meal served in, well, a box. Sometimes they come with dividers for different foods, sometimes they don’t. And sometimes they come full of sausages served á la severed fingers.

The spooky take on bento contents has been playing out via Twitter in the days leading up to everyone’s favorite October holiday. My personal favorite is the aforementioned box of fingers who have lost their owner:

Additions to the trend include minions fashioned from eggs or skulls made of white-rice. Peek through the creative takes below:

Are you horrified or hungry? Let us know your take in the comments.

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