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10 Tips for Making Any Room Feel Finished

October 24, 2017

What separates a perfectly lovely room from a space that really feels finished? The kind of room that you walk into and assume a decorator had a hand in it? Where every piece feels purposeful and, well, perfect? It turns out that elusive level of polish isn’t just relegated to the world of interior designers; there are some straightforward tips and specific items that you’ll find in just about every picture-perfect space. From the bathroom to the bedroom, top designers share the pieces they always include.

Emily Henderson
“There isn't one room that I have finished that doesn't have at least one or more piece of art in it. Art is something that can instantly bring soul into a room, and is something that will always stay timeless and classic if you select the right pieces.”

Young Huh
“Something living always makes a room feel alive, so flowers or a plant are important. It means that someone is living in that room, caring for these plants. Also, personal objects such as books, antique boxes, or collectibles showcase an individual’s personality or past. Those objects tell a story about the room and who lives there.”

Brad Ford, Brad Ford ID
“Anything made by hand. I think handcrafted furniture instantly adds a layer of soul to any room and helps create a compelling narrative.”

Eric Cohler, Eric Cohler Design
“As a counterpoint to sleekly modern room, I add one antique or vintage sculptural piece of furniture.”

Vicente Wolf
“I love a room when it has a scent because it brings a little bit of romance.”

Steve McKenzie, McKenzie Interior Design
“A classic bust brings a history and story to a space.”

Jenny Dina Kirschner
“Accessories are a must for making a space feel finished and lived in. Even something as simple as a beautiful pair of candlesticks sitting on top of a living room cocktail table, with candles melted down a bit, can make an impact.”

Tricia Foley
“Books! I have an addiction to collecting books for myself and for clients. I use them for research, for piling on coffee tables and night tables in guest rooms, as well as their traditional use in a bookcase.”

Casey DeBois
“Adding art or sculptural pieces to the walls make a space feel more finished. When walls are bare, they leave a space feeling lonely and incomplete. And art doesn't need to be permanent—I love switching things up to keep the space fresh.”

Sheena Murphy, Sheep + Stone Interiors
“People often skip out on window treatments but they are the single thing that finish an otherwise 'done' room. They add softness, frame views, provide privacy and really make a room feel more inviting and cozy.”

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