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Introducing the Food52 x Peugeot Collection

November 29, 2017
Photo by Ren Fuller

Peugeot is the marquee name in crafting pepper mills—it's been at it since 1840(!). In fact, every time you season your own food, you can thank Peugeot. The French brand is credited with taking the very concept of the pepper and salt mills, previously confined to chefs’ kitchens, into the dining room. Now we’re kicking off the latest chapter in this storied history with our new Food52 X Peugeot collection.

These mills are certainly classics, but they’re hardly trapped in the past. Their fabrication is environmentally aware—wooden mills are sourced locally from the forests of the Franche-Comté, with all the ensuing sawdust and woodchips being recycled. And Peugeot embraces technology without fear: Take its USelect line, with its patented, well-nigh indestructible steel grind control system. The six pre-set grind settings, from very coarse to very fine, allow you to adjust your grind to find the most pleasing texture possible.

Peugeot doesn’t sacrifice form for function, though. "Our new Food52 x Peugeot USelect Pepper Mills are designed in classic colors—white, black, and chocolate—but finished with a modern matte look we love," explains Kristina Wasserman, our buyer & Shop merchandising manager. "The texture feels great in hand, hides smudges, and helps you keep your grip in the kitchen. I especially love the brass accent on the matte white option—it's the most chic mill I've ever seen!"

These mills are truly art pieces for the table, coming in colors, sizes, shapes, and materials to suit the mood of any dining room, whether you’re going for understated or splashy. Either way, you’re sure to garner a few double takes from your guests the next time they season their meal.

Are you a Peugeot aficionado? Tell us all about your favorite features of the iconic mills below!

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Gerard Coletta

Written by: Gerard Coletta